Trump Judicial Nominee Refuses To Say Whether She Agrees With Brown v Board Of Education! WTF??

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To pretend Donald Trump isn’t a racist at this point, you pretty much have to be in complete denial.

The latest evidence he wasn’t so much draining the swamp as filling it with fire and rodents of unusually sizable prejudice? Wendy Vitter.

The nominee for lifetime appointment for federal judge in the Eastern District of Louisiana has made many disturbing comments over the years against abortion and — get this — birth control! She’s against the birth control pill!

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But it was her views on race that tripped her up during her confirmation hearing on Wednesday.

When she was asked the seemingly rhetorical question of whether she agreed with the 1954 Supreme Court ruling Brown v Board Of Education — you know, the one that struck down segregation laws and allowed black and white students to go to school together — she hemmed and hawed about getting into a “difficult area.”

Watch the awkwardness (below)!

[Image via CNN.]

Apr 12, 2018 4:02pm PDT

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