‘Your Entire Career Is Bullshit!’ Rose McGowan Comes Hard For Tony Robbins Over His #MeToo Comments!

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Tony Robbins went viral last weekend when a woman in one of his seminars stood up to him and said his comments about the #MeToo movement were BS.

The life coach’s stance seems to be that women are just making themselves feel better by either claiming victimhood or by taking down powerful men — as if they’re just anonymous Internet trolls having fun, not people with real stories to share and real pain to break through.

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Well, shortly after, he says he learned how wrong he was, as he very quickly apologized.

But for Rose McGowan his little statement isn’t enough. And in a brief but brutal interview with Now This, she’s breaking off some knowledge for the “teacher.”

Watch (below)!

[Image via Michael Carpenter/WENN/Twitter.]

Apr 12, 2018 7:36pm PDT

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