Bachelor Alum Amanda Stanton Confirms She’s ‘Been Dating A Little Bit’ Following Robby Hayes Beef!

amanda stanton dating again

Amanda Stanton has dealt with her fair share of scrubs. *cough*Robby Hayes*cough* *cough*also Josh Murray*cough*

Thankfully, the Bachelor In Paradise vet’s recent relationship struggles has not dissuaded the mother of two from being open to romance. In fact, Miz Stanton recently confirmed that she has been “been dating a little bit.”

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While chatting with Us Weekly at a Coachella pre party, the reality TV star revealed that she’s still in the dating world, but “just going slowly” and isn’t serious about any particular beau. Get yours, girl!!

Of course, this update comes just after Amanda’s ex Robby tried to blast her for a shady comment about Disneyland passes. In case you missed it, the California native took to Twitter on Wednesday to complain about an unnamed ex who emailed her “that his Disneyland Annual Pass payment was declined” and told her “to update [her] card info.”

Mr. Hayes then exposed himself as the scrubby former flame, as he uploaded a series of screenshots which included private email conversations and texts. Although JoJo Fletcher‘s ex proved that he was just trying to let Amanda know that creditors might come after her, he still came off looking like the bad guy, as he made a passive aggressive compliment about her “new tits.”

Regardless, Amanda is moving on with her life AND even has the support of her girls, Kinsley and Charlie. She added:

“I don’t really talk about it with them, but they always want me to be happy and find somebody. It’s really cute.”

Awwwwww. We’re sure they’re also glad they didn’t end up with Robby as a stepfather!!!


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Apr 13, 2018 6:24pm PDT

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