That’s So Embarrassing! Pantless Disney Star Busted By Bounty Hunters In Sin City!

orlando brown arrested sin city

That’s So… upsetting to see.

Former Disney darling Orlando Brown has found himself at the center of another legal controversy. On Friday morning, the That’s So Raven alum was arrested for having an outstanding warrant against him.

However, it wasn’t the cops that picked up the 30-year-old, it was a squad of determined bounty hunters.

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Per footage obtained by TMZ (below), Lucky the bounty hunter and his crew busted into a man’s home in Las Vegas as part of the hunt for Brown. Their search was a successful one, as they discovered Orlando cowering in a closet without pants on.

Initially, the homeowner tried to cover for Brown, defending that Lucky and his group were trying to access his home illegally. Lucky has since defended that legal paperwork and warrants made it possible for him to enter the residence and search for Brown.

The warrant for Orlando’s arrest was issued last month by a judge, after the once successful actor failed to appear in court for a different case.

The owner of the Sin City residence claims he was letting Orlando stay with him as a favor for a music producer neighbor. He actually became wary about his house guest once his fiancée informed him Brown was a fugitive.

Still, the homeowner isn’t at all happy with the bounty hunters for taking him away.

He’s convinced they entered unlawfully, has accused them of damaging his door, AND is claiming a shoulder injury after the incident. He plans on reaching out to the authorities to see if the raid was legal or not.

Regardless, Orlando is in custody and likely screwed…

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Apr 13, 2018 4:55pm PDT

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