Azealia Banks Details Alleged Rape In Since Deleted Instagram Story: ‘Men Can Just Prey On You’

azealia banks details rape instagram

This is just so upsetting.

Over the weekend, an emotional Azealia Banks took to her Instagram story to detail an alleged rape that recently occurred. The 212 rapper started her series of troubling messages with a post that stated she “lowkey just got raped” and “feel[s] like dirt.”

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The controversial artist didn’t stop there, as she went on to detail the professed assault in a few audio messages. Amid tears, Azealia revealed that she was “just hanging out” with her attacker “when one thing led to another.” Banks appeared to be very shaken up, as she shared that she felt “dirty” and “stupid.”

The 26-year-old went on to blame herself for the alleged rape, saying “it was partially [her] fault.” She continued:

“And I’m just, like, sitting here… just feeling fucking low as shit. I just feel like a dumbass. Like, such a dummy. I just want to fucking disappear right now. I feel really bad. I don’t think I’m gonna be putting out more music.”

Through continued sobs, the It-girl repeated that she “can’t put out anymore music” as she has to “take some time and, like, figure out what just happened.” The New York native then threatened to delete all of her social media accounts.

Azealia added:

“This rape shit, you know. Men can just prey on you and just fucking badger you and force you to say ├óΓé¼╦£yes’ ├óΓé¼┬ª You feel like you gave consent, but you didn’t give shit. You never wanted to do shit, but there you are, feeling fucking powerless. Somebody really got the fucking best of me, and I’m just so unsure how they got it.”

Banks then requested that fans bombard her people with messages, as she needed someone to pick her up. However, not long after the claims were made, Azealia deleted the posts and said everything was “under control.”

The chart topper also relayed on her story and main page:

azealia banks rape claim

Violence is NEVER acceptable so, as always, we’re keeping Azealia in our thoughts during this trying time.

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Apr 16, 2018 3:07pm PDT

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