Zayn Malik DUMPED By His Management Over ‘Abusive’ Attitude!

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Ouch! Zayn Malik has been broken up with again! And so soon after last time…

This split is with manager Sarah Stennett of First Access Entertainment who’d apparently had too much of the former One Direction singer’s diva attitude.

Stennett confirmed the news to Variety, saying somewhat diplomatically:

“Sometimes in life you have to make extremely difficult decisions to effect positive change for everyone.”

Um, what does that mean exactly??

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Sources told the trade Zayn is “challenging to work with, declining many promotional opportunities and not touring behind his last album.” But that may be just the start.

The Sun has sources spilling much hotter tea. They say Malik had gotten “verbally abusive” with the staff.

Apparently things have only gotten worse since Zayn’s breakup with Gigi Hadid last month!

And it finally got to be too much for the First Access co-founder. A source explains:

“Sarah’s been trying to make the relationship work for two years but Zayn’s hot-headed and has let his tongue run away with him one too many times.”

Considering the singer is still reportedly planning a tour for his new album, it’s a bad time not to have representation…

Innerestingly, First Access also cut ties with Ellie Goulding earlier this year. They currently still rep Bebe Rexha, Rita Ora, and more.

Does Zayn strike YOU as tough to work with??

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

Apr 17, 2018 7:37pm PDT

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