Farrah Abraham Shows Off Another Medical Procedure On Social Media — This Time, It’s Her ‘Designer Vagina’ Surgery!

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Nothing is too private for Farrah Abraham — especially when it comes to improving her lady parts!

The infamous Teen Mom legend went under the knife on Monday, opting for surgery to get what she called a “designer vagina,” and true to form based on her recent behavior, she decided to livestream the whole thing for her fans and social media followers to see!

Why not, right?!

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The 26-year-old mother and adult entertainer opened her legs — and her Instagram app — to document her labiaplasty surgery live from Beverly Hills with the whole world watching!

And the $2,700 procedure, performed by Dr. Sheila Nazarian, went… pretty well, we guess?! We don’t see enough “designer vagina” surgeries to judge good from bad! Ha!!!

The adult star sure didn’t seem bothered by any pain or discomfort after getting numbed for the procedure, and she was all smiles throughout as she documented her reactions to everything going on down there.

Ch-ch-check out a few screenshots from her time under the knife (below)!!

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Well… OK then!! To each their own!

At least she didn’t have her daughter record the procedure for her this time… right?

Baby steps!!

[Image via Instagram.]

Apr 18, 2018 10:51am PDT

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