Kanye West Doesn’t Believe In ‘The Concept Of An Enemy’! Read His Philosophical AF Twitter-Storm To Find Out Why!

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Kanye West has been dropping nothing but sage wisdom ever since his Twitter account was resurrected last week.

But the rapper really got the ball rolling on Wednesday, as he would NOT STOP tweeting out a marathon of esoteric gems about self improvement and universal oneness. *Yoga prayer hands*

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Social media welcomed the rainstorm of thought after months of Yeezy droughts — even Kim Kardashian West tried to get in on her husband’s Twit-losphy lesson!

One of his best (and most surprising) revelations? Kanye apparently doesn’t believe in the concept of enemies! He shared:

Hear that, Taylor Swift? Stop looking for something to beat and just be!

See Kanye expand on that thought (below) and check out more of his tweets about impulse, creativity, originality, and that philosophy book he’s writing (when he damn well feels like it)!

On working with love instead of fear:

On people being trained to “act” from a young age:

On harnessing creativity:

On originality:

On us existing on an Ultralight Beam:

On when we can expect Kanye’s philosophy book:

Wow. Anyone else feel like they just took a free self-improvement seminar??

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

Apr 18, 2018 2:02pm PDT

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