Social Media Beef Leads To The Shooting Death Of 1-Year-Old Girl

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A 1-year-old Indianapolis girl died in a shooting that stemmed from social media beef — and police are putting the blame on lack of gun regulation.

Officials say that dozens of shots were fired into the home of Malaysia Robson (above) on March 29, at a time when eight to 10 people were inside the home. The little girl was struck and killed by at least one bullet; her 19-year-old aunt was also injured by gunfire.

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Soon after, police arrested Darrin Banks, 27, and Brian Palmer, 29, on charges of murder and battery with a deadly weapon.

In a preliminary probable cause document, police say that the two suspects, believed to be involved in a social media feud, admitted to firing several rounds from an AR-15 rifle into the toddler’s home.

Marion county prosecutor Terry Curry told reporters in a press conference:

“From our perspective we have no idea and can’t conceive how a feud that starts on social media would escalate to this point.”

Curry added that he will not seek the death penalty against the two men, because he doesn’t believe that they intentionally killed the toddler.

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The real kicker, Curry added, was that the two suspects were LEGALLY allowed to be driving around the city with assault style weapons:

“Under Indiana law it was entirely legal for these two individuals to be driving around in the streets of Indianapolis with AR-15’s. I’ll say it again: Under Indiana law it is entirely legal for these two individuals to be driving around the streets of Indianapolis with an AR-15 rifle.”

Like so many other deaths by gunfire in the country, the county prosecutor said this tragedy comes back to the conversation on “sensible” gun control, adding:

“To me that raises the question of when are we going to have a serious conversation in the state and nationwide about sensible gun regulation.”

Good question. We’re waiting for an answer, too.

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Banks (above, left) and Palmer (above, right) pleaded not guilty in a court hearing on Tuesday. They are being held without bond and are both facing a maximum penalty of life in prison.

[Image via Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department/Facebook.]

Apr 19, 2018 12:39pm PDT

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