Fatherhood Has Taught Spencer Pratt How To ‘Enjoy Humans More’ — Even The People He ‘Can’t Stand’!

spencer pratt talks fatherhood gunner stone

Fatherhood has softened Spencer Pratt!

The once highly combative star of The Hills has certainly settled down a bit, and it’s all thanks to his son Gunner Stone, whom he welcomed with Heidi Montag in October. Things have definitely changed, folks!

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For a candid chat with People, the MTV veteran opened up about what he’s learned since welcoming his baby boy into the world. The California native shared:

“My son Gunner definitely takes after Heidi because he comes off genuinely sweet. He just seems like the sweetest little baby. He’s always smiling. I feel like I would be a grumpy baby.”

If that’s not the sweetest thing, then we don’t know what is. LOLz!

However, it’s taken some time for Spencer to fully transition into loving fatherhood. Mainly, diaper duty is a nightmare — and we don’t blame him for not enjoying it. On his most embarrassing parenting experience, Spencer spilled:

“I would say the first time my son peed all over me and it was just really hot. I was adjusting to being urinated on, so that was like, ├óΓé¼╦£Oh, there’s hot pee all over me,’ and I kind of acted like a baby. I ran and showered. I’ve been peed on since and I handled it way better… You can’t get frustrated.”

You can say that again, bud! Regardless, welcoming little Gunner Stone into the world has been pretty much a rewarding experience. In fact, the young Pratt has taught Heidi’s man to “enjoy humans more.” He added:

“My favorite part of fatherhood is seeing a baby so innocent. Until you watch a human being born and watch a little baby growing and learning how to smile and waiting for a baby to giggle ├óΓé¼┬ª it’s definitely made me enjoy humans more.”

Although, he still finds certain people annoying. (Here’s looking at you, Lauren Conrad!)

Mr. Pratt quipped:

“We were all little babies. Even the people I can’t stand, they were once sweet little babies. What happened to them?”


Of course, parenthood isn’t all smiles and kisses, as Spencer got real about living a full life with an infant. He concluded:

“I used to love going to the movies. I used to love going out to dinner, being able to just leave the house. Not like packing strollers and multiple bags and car seats. It’s definitely a mission leaving the house now.”

Just wait until you have another one! Or, at least, we hope another Pratt baby is on the way!!

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Apr 19, 2018 2:11pm PDT

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