The Good News Is, Taylor Swift Tickets Are Cheaper Now! Here’s The Bad News…

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Good news for Taylor Swift fans! Well, the procrastinating ones anyway…

Ticketmaster is offering a temporary break this week on ticket fees for Taylor’s upcoming Reputation tour — saving buyers around 19%!

But not everyone is happy with the Tax Day sale (which goes through the end of today, Thursday April 19).

First you have your haters, who are gonna hate hate hate and point out the concerts, starting May 8, have not been selling out NEARLY so much as 1989.

Video: Taylor Swift Fans Are Mad At Us Too!

Is this a desperate move to sell more tix?

Even after you shake those concerns off, you have the real fans who bought their tickets months ago seeing better seats at lower prices all of a sudden.

In fact, you may not even want to rush out and take advantage of the sale as tickets on the secondary market are predicted to drop in price even more! OUCH!

Are YOU going to see Taylor this time around??

[Image via Adam Bielawski/WENN.]

Apr 19, 2018 6:31pm PDT

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