THIS RuPaul’s Drag Race Alum Claims To Have Survived A Fatal DUI Related Crash — But Is It A Bunch Of B.S.??

robbie turner lied uber driver death

What a mystery.

As you may’ve heard, drag queen Robbie Turner took to social media on Sunday to detail a harrowing car crash, one that left the star slightly injured and the Uber driver dead. Per the RuPaul’s Drag Race alum, the Uber was struck by a drunk driver on the way home, but the reality glamazon walked away with “barely a scratch” from the catastrophic crash.

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The Uber driver “did not survive,” but it turns out Turner may’ve made them up AND the car accident in question. Yup, following Robbie’s confession, the seasoned queen has been accused of lying about the terrifying wreck. What the what???

The drama all started when Turner shared:

As well as:

Robbie (born Jeremy Baird) also took to Twitter to share some tidbits following the alleged accident. She posted:

Robbie’s certainly acting like a brush with death occured — so why is everyone doubting?? Well, as publications began reporting on the incident, The Stranger noted that many reports claimed that the wreckage had “not been confirmed by authorities in the Seattle area.”

After reaching out to both Uber and the King County Medical Examiner, doubt began to grow about the alleged fatality. Apparently, Uber heard nothing about one of their employees dying in a DUI-related incident. A spokesperson for the company relayed via an email:

“Thanks for reaching out, and really sorry to hear that news. We of course know Robbie and have reached out. We are also looking into the accident, but have no information at this time to believe this occurred on our app. If I find out more today, I’ll be back in touch.”

When The Stranger followed up, Uber noted that they’ve “reached out to a number of folks,” but “still haven’t heard anything.” Hmmmmm.

The King County Medical Examiner’s office was then contacted about any fatal vehicular accidents which took place over the weekend. Communications Director James Apa replied:

“You’re wanting to know how many DUI-related car crash fatalities happened over this past weekend. That’s not easy for us to say, for a couple reasons. First, there’s not an easy way to do a scan of our database to identify car crashes├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥it takes an investigator going through each record over the weekend to determine the cause and manner. Our medical examiner’s office is very tightly staffed, and our investigators usually don’t have time to do this search on top of their normal duties. Second, determination of DUI is not done by the KCME, but rather law enforcement.”

While the coroner’s office didn’t provide much clarification, a rep for the Seattle Police Department fueled further speculation that Turner is lying. It’s said they’re “not aware of anything like that occurring, nor are any of [their] colleagues aware of this accident.”

According to the report, 19 vehicle collisions with Priority 1 injuries were reported in a 911 database, but none of the accidents match up with Robbie’s narrative. What’s even more suspicious, Queer/Bar — the venue where Robbie normally performs — said Turner “will be taking some time away to try to figure out what’s best for” the star.

The establishment further explained:

“…the company learned of this supposed incident last weekend from Robbie’s social media post. In full support of our friend and manager, we reached out to evaluate Robbie’s condition and offer any help with his physical and mental recovery. We also reached out in an attempt to support the driver’s family in their difficult time. And then we discovered some inconsistencies with the story.”

Such craziness!!! Multiple publications have reached out to the reality TV vet, but have yet to hear back.

Be sure to stay tuned for any and all updates about this insane story!!

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Apr 20, 2018 9:25am PDT

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