Former NFL Kicker Jay Feely Gets DRAGGED On Twitter After Sharing Alarming Photo Holding Gun Next To His Daughter’s Prom Date

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You didn’t really think this one through, did ya, Jay Feely?

The former NFL kicker and sometimes TV football commentator showed a picture on his Twitter account this weekend depicting his daughter and her high school boyfriend on their way to prom… with Jay in the middle of the pair holding a gun.

Uhhhhhh… WTF?!

Social media went up in arms over this tweeted picture (below):

Dude… seriously?!

Isn’t that kind of, ya know, tone deaf??

Hours later, Feely responded with an apology and an explanation, after being absolutely DRAGGED on social media for the pic (below):

But the damage was pretty much done.

As you can see (below), people were NOT feeling Feely here, even with the Bad Boys reference in the gun tweet:


Not a great move, Jay!

Got any more jokes you wanna try out on us??

[Image via Twitter.]

Apr 22, 2018 3:07pm PDT

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