Perez Hilton Is Racist? Kanye West In CRISIS! And…

Kanye West is struggling!

He’s fired his manager! He’s fired his lawyers!

He’s fighting explosively with Kris Jenner!

Kim Kardashian is at her wits end!

And not to mention his Twitter and the alt-right trolls and hard right conservatives exploiting him!

These same people are FALSELY claiming WE are racist for being concerned for him!

So much wildness!

So much to get to!

Watch! Links below!

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KANYE WEST confesses to opioid addiction:

KANYE WEST’s confidantes are concerned for his mental health:

KANYE WEST calls in to radio show and rambles:

KANYE WEST fires his manager and lawyers after making ridiculous demands:

KANYE WEST has explosive fights with Kris Jenner:

KIM KARDASHIAN shares very racy pics on Instagram:

KIM KARDASHIAN explains how Paris robbery changed her:

Apr 24, 2018 8:55pm PDT

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