YIKES! Kanye West Has ‘Had Huge Blow-Ups’ With Kris Jenner As Kim Kardashian Can’t ‘Control’ Him

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Son-in-law from hell?

According to a People report published on Tuesday, Kanye West has had explosive fights with Kris Jenner amid reports his advisors are “all worried about his current mental health.”

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The insider explained:

“He’s had huge blow-ups with Kris. She sees how erratic he’s acting and is most concerned about her daughter’s brand. She’s also trying to be a good mother-in-law, so he’s having explosive issues with her too… Everyone is really, really worried.”

Last week, wife Kim Kardashian playfully trolled her husband’s “Sometimes you have to get rid of everything” tweet by writing, “Wait…EVERYTHING?!?!?!” and even joked she was going to move in with Chrissy Teigen.

The source believes this was the KUWTK star’s way of trying to (unsuccessfully) control the situation.

“Kim is trying to control him and the situation, but he can’t be controlled… She’s trying her best to support him on social media and show a different side of things, but it’s just not working… He genuinely believes he’s God and a genius and that he can do everything on his own. He has a great love for Kim, but in his mind he doesn’t think Kim is a genius, and he’s telling her he knows what he’s doing.”

However, a source close to the musician interpreted Kimmy’s response as a way of “[saying] ‘You guys are off,'” adding:

“She is always loving towards Kanye, always concerned with whatever he’s concerned about, always in his corner.”

While the artist is “eccentric and erratic,” the West insider believes Yeezy is just being Yeezy.

“A lot of this is just Kanye. He’s always been like that. He stirs the pot.”

The West insider also claims Kanye is “sleeping very little” and “texting at all hours of the day or night,” and has been exhausting to those around him.

“It’s very hard to deal with… He’s all over the place. If you can’t be part of his creative genius, he’ll cut you loose. That’s what he says.”

Ultimately, the source — who says the rapper “seemed great” and sounded “super positive” on a phone call last week — says Kanye is the kind of person who “revs really high and is really active and expends a lot of energy.”

“That’s part of being Kanye… He’s willing to take risks with his public persona. He doesn’t take it as serious as the internet takes it.”

As we wrote, the 40-year-old reportedly cut ties with his manager Scooter Braun and music lawyers, Howard King and Peter Paterno.

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Apr 24, 2018 7:08pm PDT

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