Vanderpump Rules Alum Faith Stowers Announces Plan To Sue Stassi Schroeder Over Crazzzzy Theft Claims!

faith stowers suing stassi schroeder

We’ve got some SERIOUS Vanderpump Rules tea to spill.

On Wednesday, former SURver Faith Stowers stopped by The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro and dished about all of the drama in her life. While, yes, she discussed her scandalous tryst with Jax Taylor — she also revealed that she’s about to hit Stassi Schroeder with a lawsuit.

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WHAT THE WHAT?!? Apparently, Jax’s car was stolen at one point and Miz Schroeder falsely pointed the finger at Faith. The reality TV personality explained:

“I can’t talk about one of them because I’m currently about to have a lawsuit with one of them…I absolutely am. Ya I have a lawyer…Not on the show; it was, it was interviews that Ms. Schroeder has been doing and she’s been saying some evil, disgusting, untrue things about me that’s just, like, outlandish, like I stole Jax Taylor’s car. Are you kidding me? They, that they called the police on me…if you listen to it yourself, you would, you would maybe shake your head or giggle a little bit cause it, it sounds like, just sounds outlandish. Is, like, she said, um, I think she said that, uh, at the night of the, uh, Scheana’s birthday party when it came out that I slept with Jax or whatever, that I stole Jax’s car that night. Jax Taylor’s car magically went missing and I had to be the person that stole it…she think that I’m a thief.”

Such craziness. To make matters worse, the suspect in the carjacking is “a black woman who looks nothing like” Faith, further painting the controversial podcaster as ignorant. Faith continued:

“I don’t know if Stassi’s been around a lot of black women in her life; I’m guessing probably not. But this lady that she said looks like me on The Daily Mail is at large and has been stealing $300,000 worth of Rolexes and drugging people in the clubs and I mean, just disgusting type stuff, and she thinks it’s me, so she calls the police to let them know that they know that I’m at this club in LA and that they should come. And the police are like, ‘no, we’re not coming. It’s not her.'”

Damn. Looks like Stassi hasn’t learned much in her tenure on Bravo.

Shockingly, Faith doesn’t want to label Stassi as a racist, as “that can really stick with somebody.” She noted:

“I don’t want to put the ‘r’ word out there and say that’s she’s racist because that can really stick with somebody. Even though she’s a hateful, hateful bitch, I’m not gonna put more on her cause it, it’s just not fair and it’s just not who I am…I don’t think she’s saying it because I’m black… I don’t want to say too much about it. I, it was, it was disgusting, it was tasteless. Especially for her.”

At the end of the day, Faith just wants Stassi to “retract the statements” as she doesn’t “care for any money from” the Bravolebrity. And we think she may get the desired retraction since she’s being represented by Lisa Vanderpump‘s “really really really good” lawyers.

On this particular scandal, she concluded:

“What I do want, and I demand is respect. Not only for people like me, just for people in general. Because I get that you think you’re think you’re this big celebrity, but that doesn’t mean you have the, you know, you don’t have the grounds to say whatever you want to say about people that can damage, like, their real, their actual lives… You have a reach ma’am, and because you have that reach, you have a responsibility so when you say things, you, you do, you make a check and you make sure they’re true. And if you’re gonna say something crazy, at least have a reason to. Because you, she doesn’t have a reason not to like me. I’ve never done anything to this woman, ever.”

Snap! Snap!

Despite playing a major role in this season’s drama, Faith has kept her distance from the VPR crew. In fact, the Ex on the Beach star didn’t even know Jax and Brittany Cartwright briefly split following his infidelity with Faith. Ironically, Stowers is rooting for Jax and Brittany as a couple, especially since her former coworker brings out a “softer side” in Mr. Taylor.

For all of the specifics regarding the dramz, be sure to ch-ch-check out Faith’s FULL appearance for yourself (below)! You know you want to…

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Apr 26, 2018 10:44am PDT

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