January Jones Snubbed By Lisa Vanderpump’s Pump Restaurant While Trying To Plan Her Birthday Bash: ‘No One Called Me Back’!

january jones snubbed by pump restaurant

Lisa Vanderpump needs to get her house in order!!

And, by house, we mean her West Hollywood hotspot Pump. We drop this warning as, in a recent interview with Yahoo! Lifestyle, January Jones revealed she was totally snubbed by the Tinseltown eatery.

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According to the Mad Men alum, she (and her entourage) made several attempts to book Pump as the venue for her 40th birthday bash. Sadly, for some reason, “no one called [her] back.” *GASP*

Miz Jones admitted:

“I had my 40th birthday this year and I called Pump to try to do my party there. No one called me back.”

How rude!! January sincerely tried to book the party at Pump, as she enlisted her friends and her team to try and make a reservation.

She continued:

“My publicist called. My best friend called. We called and called and called and called. One time I called, I got a girl and she’s like: ├óΓé¼╦£We’ll call you back.’ Nothing. I called back again, no response.”

In fact, January even reached out to Bravo guru Andy Cohen for help and he sent her along the general manager’s number — to no avail. Per the Last Man On Earth actress, “the guy wouldn’t call [her] back.”

The Vanderpump Rules kids must be stoked they all work at SUR, because we have a feeling Miz Vanderpump’s about to clean house. WE TEASE (sort of).

Don’t worry, January eventually got her revenge, as she had a Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman moment with management. The blonde stunner spilled:

“Around New Year’s, I was going out to dinner and I said: ├óΓé¼╦£You know what, I’m going into Pump.’ I was like: ├óΓé¼╦£Tried to call ya. Guess what: I’m not having my birthday party here. Big mistake. Big. Huge.'”

HA! That’s AH-Mazing.

It’s said that management profusely apologized to Jones for not getting back to her.

It’ll be inneresting to see if January maintains her stance against Pump in the near future. We’re certain a Pumptini and a complimentary meal could squash her outrage!!

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May 4, 2018 3:34pm PDT

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