Distance To Blame?? Nikki Bella Admits Seeing John Cena Just ’30 Days Total Out Of Like Six Months’ After Their Engagement

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Maybe now we’re starting to learn a little more about what caused the emotional breakup between John Cena and Nikki Bella — and the busy, over-extended scheduling of their celeb statuses may be to blame.

In a teaser clip for an upcoming season three premiere of her reality show Total Bellas, Nikki gets real with the camera about some of the unseen challenges that presented themselves in her relationship with Cena.

For one: they just had VERY little time together.

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In one particularly memorable upcoming show clip that has Nikki in the confessional booth, she remarks about how often her and Cena are able to be together due to their schedules (below):

“What’s hard at times, what people don’t realize about my relationship is I’m alone a lot. To be honest, since we’ve gotten engaged, John and I have probably shared our bed together maybe 30 days total out of like six months. Or 40 days. So hearing [Total Bellas cast mates and family members] Brie and Lauren and JJ and Bryan all talk about their family stuff and their kids, it makes it like just sink in a little bit more of how lonely it will be and how lonely it gets.”


It doesn’t matter how in love you may be, or how strong your relationship appears on the outside — distance is HARD, and doing so after an engagement with no real slow-down of your schedule… brutal!!

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Can’t help but feel for her and John here. And while his recent comments sound great about the pair still being in love, we have to ask… do they really have, like, the time for a relationship right now?

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?!

Let us know in the comments (below)…

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May 15, 2018 8:32pm PDT

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