New Video Tells The WHOLE Story — As Cardi B & Offset Face Lawsuit Over Met Gala Attack!

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Can’t say he didn’t warn them…

The “fan” who was beat up by Cardi B and her fiance Offset‘s security team has now officially filed suit.

Video: Pregnant Cardi B Gets Into INTENSE Shouting Match With Fan!

Giovanni Arnold claims he waited outside the hotel where a Met Gala after-party was happening and asked for an autograph when they left, to which Cardi responded:

“Fuck outta here n****, I will slap the shit out of you.”

In his telling, he relays he “expressed disappointment with being ignored” — but in TMZ‘s new video of the encounter, Arnold can be heard shouting back:

“I just asked for an autograph. Damn.”

That’s when Offset walks by and tells him to leave once again:

“Shut up, bro, before a n**** beat you out here.”

Arnold claims he tried to defuse the situation, but on the video he can be heard saying:

“For an autograph? Damn, man, that’s serious. I’ll take all your money, bro. PLEASE beat me up. PLEASE, brother!”

Doesn’t sound like de-escalation to us…

After a few more moments of shouting, eventually men do exit Cardi and Offset’s vehicle and make a beeline for Arnold.

On the tape, he actually sounds like he’s encouraging them — he practically yells out “WORLD STAR!” — and of course we know the rest of that story.

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After the beating, Arnold says he went to the hospital with injuries to his face, neck, and torso.

Cardi doesn’t seem to have much of a defense here. Obviously, even if he was being overly aggressive in tone (and wasn’t really a fan but someone seeking an autograph for money), he should never have been attacked like this.

But his story is not painting the whole picture either.

How would YOU rule if you were on the jury?? You can watch the whole incident and decide for yourself (below):

[Image via WENN.]

May 16, 2018 3:32pm PDT

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