Donald Trump Jr. Senate Transcripts Released — And Twitter ‘Can’t Recall’ Seeing Such Unbelievable B.S.!

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With so many political fights and corruption scandals during Donald Trump‘s presidency, it’s hard to even remember the early days.

But before all the indictments and guilty pleas, Trump and all his cronies — Flynn, Kushner, Manafort, Sessions — were actually lying about all their contacts with Russian agents. Back then Donald Trump, Jr. was the first to take the new “Who cares?” tack.

He shamelessly tweeted out the email proof he had set up a big meeting between Team Trump and an agent of an agent of Putin in June 2016. He just said it didn’t matter because she turned out not to have the goods.

(Um, isn’t this kind of like the guy who finds out his hooker is an undercover cop trying to say he should go free because didn’t actually get to have the sex?)

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Well, on Wednesday the Senate Judiciary Committee finally released the 200 page transcript of their interview with Trump Jr. about that meeting, and suddenly “Who cares?” has been replaced with “Who can remember?”

DJTJ says over and over again he “doesn’t remember” or “can’t recall” — over a HUNDRED TIMES — to the point it seems like maybe he should take that brain damage test.

You can find the nearly 2,000 pages of interviews in their entirety HERE, or you can see the most important highlights from Twitter (below)!

[Image via CNN.]

May 16, 2018 2:29pm PST

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