The New Yanny Vs. Laurel Has Already Arrived — Is This Saying ‘Brainstorm’ Or ‘Green Needle’?

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The case of Yanny vs. Laurel has finally been solved — now, the internet has been faced with a new brain-busting audio recording dilemma that might actually make you want to rip your ears out.

Twitter account Tomango shared a video of a toy that’s either saying “brainstorm” or “green needle.” Like Yanny v. Laurel, one word is clearly heard over the other.

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But this recording won’t cause mass division, because the word you hear changes based on which one you’re thinking about!

Play the clip (below) and listen for yourself!

Okay, now play it again while thinking “brainstorm.” Then again while thinking “green needle.” It’s pure MAGIC!

The clip was originally recorded as part of a toy review by YouTube DosmRider, who says it’s technically saying “Brainstorm.” But as we all learned this week, words are done following our rules.

Can U hear it both ways?

[Image via Twitter.]

May 17, 2018 5:33pm PDT

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