Kendrick Lamar Invites White Fan To Rap With Him On Stage — But It Gets Awkward Real Quick When She Keeps Using The N-Word!

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One eager fan got the chance to rap on stage with Kendrick Lamar during his concert in Alabama on Sunday night, only to get mercilessly booed off stage.

Why? Because she performed the lyrics to Kenny’s M.A.A.D. City a little too closely to how they were written. Yup, home girl said the n-word.

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Delaney was so into giving the performance of her life at Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores that she apparently forgot to censor one word K-Dot made her promise not to say.

When she did, audible groans broke out in the audience — causing the Humble rapper to step in. Delaney tried to recover, but the performance just went downhill after that.

Watch (below) to see what happened:

After the awkward moment, Kenny thanked the young woman for her effort and called an end to the appearance, teaching us all a lesson in what not to say at hip-hop concerts — especially when you’re on stage with Kendrick Lamar.

[Image via CBS.]

May 21, 2018 11:46pm PDT

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