VOTE: Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Went To See A Scary Movie Together & ‘Were Laughing A Lot’ — Would You Have Told Them To STFU?

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Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande are in love and they don’t care who knows it!

They were also entertained by the movie Hereditary and didn’t care who else in the theater knew it, according to moviegoers at Regal Battery Park Stadium 11 in New York City.

The recently engaged duo hit up an 11 p.m. showing of the horror flick on Wednesday, joined by two of the singer’s gal pals and three of the Saturday Night Live performer’s bros. And yes, they made their presence known.

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An onlooker told Us Weekly the comedian ordered “several tubs of popcorn, a bunch of waters and some sour candies” and apologized to the people in line behind him for his order taking so long.

As the horror movie played, the eyewitness said Pete had his arm around Ari and they “were laughing a lot,” adding:

“The theater was quiet except for Ariana and Pete. They had little side comments [like] ‘OMG! OMG, what?!’ during the film. Their voices were very noticeable.”

“Their voices were very noticeable.”

That sounds… quite annoying, TBH. We expect better theater etiquette from showbiz people!

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Would YOU have told Pete and Ari to STFU? Cast your votes (below)!

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Jun 14, 2018 4:52pm PDT

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