Roseanne Spinoff ‘Clears Key Hurdle’ As Legal Wrangling, TV Negotiations Heat Up Again At ABC

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ABC hasn’t given up on the proposed Roseanne reboot spinoff, even as they try to figure out a way to make it happen without disgraced star Roseanne Barr keeping some of the profits considering she helped create the original concept.

But while negotiations are ongoing and legal wrangling has been underway, it increasingly looks like Barr may get paid off — at least in part — to walk away from the characters she helped create and allow the spinoff to continue, according to a report out this morning in THR.

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ABC execs are talking about paying the controversial comedian an as-yet-undetermined sum of “go away money” to walk away from the show with no strings tied.

As you’ll remember, Roseanne herself was the one who got the reboot canceled in the first place thanks to her mind-numbingly racist tweets about a former adviser to Barack Obama.

But network execs apparently really want to do a spin-off without Barr that centers on Sara Gilbert‘s character — and other former cast mates, including John Goodman, are reportedly “tentatively” set to come on board for that, according to the outlet.

But the hold-up continues to be Roseanne’s intellectual property rights in having created (or co-created) many of the characters on the show and, of course, the original Roseanne series itself — alongside producer Matt Williams.

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She needs to waive those rights if ABC is to proceed with the spin-off without Barr reaping a huge profit from it.

And while she’s reportedly “tentatively” agreed to do so, if only so the series can continue in her absence, the negotiation now is centered on exactly how much cash the network ought to pay her in “go away money” to make it worth her while and allow the show to re-re-boot.

That’s the “key legal hurdle” — Roseanne being willing to waive her rights to the characters she helped create — but it’s also come up with one major problem: even with the go-away money, Roseanne STILL may be in for a big payday, indirectly benefitting again from her own racist tweets.


We’ll keep you updated on what ends up happening…

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Jun 16, 2018 2:40pm PDT

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