Twitter Detains Ivanka Trump For Praising Donald After He ‘Fixed’ His Own Evil Immigration Policy

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Right on cue!!!

Donald Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order that turned his family separation policy into a family detention policy, caving into the public outcry over the thousands of immigrant children being separated from their parents at the border and penned in cages.

Most responded to the news with a sigh of relief, feeling only slightly less nauseous that the most recent Trump administration dumpster fire was being put out.

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But Ivanka Trump, the only person who might be more out of touch than the President, was feeling something different: pride in her father for extinguishing the very fire he started in the first place.

After ignoring the issue for weeks — even literally tweeting about how she was ignoring the issue — Vank suddenly chimed in with:

Oh. Hell. No. Ivanka.

This policy was your father’s doing! He only reversed it because everyone with a platform (sans Fox News) was against it! It’s those people you should be thanking, NOT THE ARSONIST IN CHIEF!


It’s okay, Twitter responders promptly gave Princess Complicit a reality check. See the responses (below).

She’s bordering on delusional these days.

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Jun 20, 2018 6:48pm PDT

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