Did Donald Trump Really Just Hint That Future Immigration Crackdowns Could ‘Make What’s Happening Today Look Like Child’s Play’?

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Donald Trump‘s kid gloves are coming off!

The president may have signed an executive order changing the policy on separating children from immigrant families who enter the country illegally, but he isn’t letting up on his “zero tolerance” border control position.

In fact, a more serious immigration crackdown could be on the horizon. At a meeting with governors at the White House Thursday, Trump argued that if the U.S. didn’t have “a very strong border,” it would make this month’s chaos “look like child’s play.”

Photo: Melania Trump Wore WHAT To Visit A Child Detention Center?!

Uhhhh, come again Donny?

He told press:

“We have to have a very strong border. If we don’t, you’ll have millions and millions of people [entering the country illegally]. It will make what’s happening today look like child’s play.”


Is he really hinting that things could get WORSE for these asylum seeking immigrants? What could be worse than children being separated from their parents and held in cages??

Oh no… he’s gonna make them go through the Trump border wall gift shop, isn’t he?

Watch the clip (below) and share your predictions in the comments.

[Image via YouTube.]

Jun 21, 2018 5:27pm PDT

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