Foster Facility Employee Leaks Video Of Immigrant Children Taken From Their Parents!

This is horrifying!

We’ve been trying to understand where Donald Trump is planning on keeping all these immigrant children he’s taken from their parents — you know, in the long term, when the cages are full.

Thanks to a woman whose conscience wouldn’t allow her to continue, we now have footage from inside one of the many foster facilities being forced to care for the massive influx of crying children, who are literally begging to speak to their parents.

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The whistleblower also explained the protocol: foster facilities like hers are not told where the children are coming from and are not allowed to ask any questions. The kids are moved under the cover of night. Caretakers are told to threaten the children with a worse fate if they talk to reporters.

Why? Because even the Trump administration knows everyone with a conscience would not be OK with this.

See the result of family separation (above).

Jun 26, 2018 3:25pm PDT

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