Man ‘Awoken By Demons’ Allegedly Bludgeons Florida Woman To Death With A Pipe

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This is so terrifying…

A 40-year-old man named Lesley Satenay (mugshot pictured, above) is behind bars after allegedly murdering a Florida woman over the weekend.

The man, who has apparently expressed remorse for his crime, alleges that “he killed an innocent person that was his friend” after apparently being “awoken by demons” early Saturday morning.

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Satenay now faces a second-degree homicide charge for the murder of Krystal Phillips, who he reportedly beat to death with some sort of pipe.

Cops were originally called to Phillips’ home in Eatonville, Florida, after someone reported seeing a woman there face-down in a pool of blood.

When questioned, according to the police report, Satenay told cops that “the devil was inside the room,” and that he first tried to “hit the devil with a Bible.”

When that didn’t work, Satenay reportedly tried to use a frying pan and a knife to attack “a big person” in his room. Cops believe that “person” was a figment of Satenay’s imagination, too.

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Either way, at one point, Phillips — who Satenay described as a friend “who did not deserve to die” — apparently received the blunt of Satenay’s demonic fight, and perished because of it.

Scary — and very sad.

Satenay is now facing second-degree murder charges and is being held without bail at Orange County Jail in Orlando, Florida.

[Image via Orange County Jail.]

Jul 17, 2018 2:09pm PDT

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