Big Brother Contestant Uses N-Word To Black Housemate, And She Was NOT Having It!

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Big Brother 20 is off the effin’ rails!

Between casual racism and sexual harassment, this is not so much the reality TV drama we want as the real-life drama Americans are trying to escape from.

Except for the blatant cheating. That’s actually the fun kind of scandalous.

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In the latest offense, 4’8″ JC Mounduix was trying to explain the proper nomenclature to refer to people of short stature.

Unfortunately, the problematic housemate described the difference between the terms “midget” and “dwarf” by comparing them to the difference between saying “black” and the n-word or “gay” and the f-word.

Only he didn’t say “the n-word.” Or “the f-word.” He said that shit.

Granted, he’s an out gay man, so most people will give him a pass on the f-word in this context.

But he said the actual n-word. In front of black housemate Bayleigh Dayton, who unsurprisingly was not amused and responded:

“You’re not allowed to say that. Don’t do that again. That was, like, out of control. Don’t do that again.”

JC then argued he was allowed to say it like that since he was explaining offensive terms. Bayleigh was not having it.

Nor was Twitter, as many fans responded:

Big Brother returns Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on CBS and the live feeds can be found 24/7 HERE.

[Image via CBS/YouTube.]

Jul 18, 2018 3:36pm PST

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