Britney’s New Music Getting A Dose Of Crazy


Although Britney Spear’s new studio project has been kept top secret, Rhapsody slipped a little information about DJ Rusko being involved as a producer.

Rusko has worked with Britney, T.I., and Rihanna in the past and is excited to get a chance to work with Britney again. He noted that he wants to get a little crazy with the music:

“Well the thing is, they could go to the regular people who make hit pop records if they wanted something straight, but the whole reason they came to me was because I make more weird music anyway, so I already have a license to be crazy with it. It’s Britney, she’s got money. If she didn’t want crazy she could ask someone who had a massive string of hit albums before, you know?”

We think Rusko’s on the right track. We want some crazy. Bring it on!

[Image via WENN.]

Aug 16, 2010 7:30pm PST

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