Stanford Rapist Brock Turner To Receive Drug & Alcohol Counseling — After Cell Phone Messages Proved He Lied About Abuse!

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Last we heard from Brock Turner, he was potentially going to leave jail 3 months early off his already EXTREMELY light sentence!

Regardless, the convicted rapist from Stanford University has been given a bit more of a punishment, though NOT EVEN CLOSE to what he deserves — as he has now been assigned drug and alcohol counseling.

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On Wednesday, the AP reported that probation manager Jana Taylor recommended counseling for the 20-year-old after the former student lied about his substance abuse habits during his probation interview in May. The former athlete then denied drug and alcohol use in high school during an interview from jail in June.

The BIG problems with his statements are that when text messages were retrieved from his cell phone, they reportedly confirmed he used drugs in HS.

On top of that, the prosecutor Alaleh Kiancerci wrote in a sentencing memo that there were also photos and texts that seem to show even more alcohol and drug use. You know, a WHOLE lot different than what he actually told the police — that he was an “inexperienced drinker and partygoer.” Oh, and there was also a video that supposedly showed the young man smoking from a bong and drinking from a liquor bottle.

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According to the Mercury News, prosecutors even found evidence Turner had set up a purchase of LSD!

After the information was reported, Turner apparently admitted that he lied. SRSLY?! All he gets is counseling after this?!

Taylor explained the reason for her recommendation in an e-mail saying the probation department does not:

“… want to be placed in a position in the event we violate him for positive tests and his attorney argue we never modified probation to include counseling.”


Sure, it’s something, but the fact that he lied about all of his prior drug and alcohol use, just further proves how much of a false picture he and his family painted for the judge in his rape case.

What do you think of the recommended counseling?!

[Image via Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office.]

Jul 14, 2016 1:52pm PST

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