Ariana Grande COVERS UP Her ‘Pete’ Tattoo With A Band-Aid!

Quick Fix!

Ariana Grande Covered Her 'Pete' Tattoo With A Band-Aid!

Stories like this remind us why getting tattoos with your love is a bad idea, 99% of the time!

Ariana Grande is doing her best to move forward after her recent breakup with Pete Davidson, and this includes covering up the permanent traces of their relationship left on her body.

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Photos obtained by TMZ show the God Is A Woman singer on stage in NYC, belting out vocals for a pre-taped segment in the upcoming NBC Wicked special.

But the ‘pete’ tattoo that’s usually front and center on Ari’s finger was reportedly covered up with a band-aid! Check out the featured photo (above) if you forgot what the dainty little number looks like.

We understand why Grande would want to cover up the tatt — the breakup is still a touchy subject. And with the special set to air in two weeks on October 29, it’s highly likely that by that time Ari would want the focus to be her work, not her breakup!

But hear us out: ever heard of stage makeup? That might have done the trick too, just saying!

[Image via Nail Swag/Ariana Grande/Instagram]

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Ariana Grande Addresses Pete Davidson Split For The First Time

'It's Very Sad'

Ariana Grande Addresses Her Breakup & Plans For Social Media Hiatus

This week, Ariana Grande has been powering through work despite a terminated engagement to former fiance Pete Davidson.

After she almost let the anxiety of it all get the best of her, the Sweetener performer was able to complete her taped performance for NBC‘s A Very Wicked Halloween alongside Idina Menzel.

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Following wrap, Ari documented how thankful she was for the experience, before telling fans she needed a break from social media.

The singer shared a black image to Instagram Story, saying:

“time to say bye bye to the internet for just a lil bit. it’s hard not to bump news n stuff that i’m not tryna to see rn. it’s very sad and we’re all tryin very hard to keep goin. love u. and thank u for bein here always.”

See her full post — which has since been deleted — and some pics from her Wicked taping (below)!

Ariana Grande leaving social media

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

Hopefully this internet hiatus is just what her heart needs!

[Image via Instagram]

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Judge Accuses Bethenny Frankel’s Ex Of Exploiting Dennis Shields’ Death

'There Was A Tragedy'

Judge Accuses Bethenny Frankel's Ex Of Exploiting Dennis Shields' Death!

The judge presiding over Bethenny Frankel‘s custody battle is accusing her ex-husband Jason Hoppy of exploiting the death of her late on-again, off-again boyfriend Dennis Shields.

After Hoppy asked Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz to order the RHONY star to undergo drug testing following Shields’ suspected overdose, Katz denied the request.

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The judge said in court:

“There was a tragedy which I think you’re trying to exploit to embarrass Ms. Frankel.”

In addition to Shields’ death, Hoppy’s lawyer, Robert Wallack, said the Skinnygirl founder “posted a video of herself on Instagram where she was clearly intoxicated and slurring her speech” last week.

Referencing the May 30th episode of her hit Bravo show, Wallack also said Frankel “appeared on TV passed out from mixing alcohol with Ambien,” adding:

“If this is what she’s putting out in public, we don’t know what she’s doing in private.”

However, Frankel’s attorney, Allan Mayefsky, DENIES his client has a substance abuse problem, explaining:

“She’s on television, she’s entertaining. It’s her livelihood to say, ‘I’m out with friends having a good time.”‘

The judge also thought it was sketchy that Hoppy made the drug testing request AFTER Frankel was granted a custody trial.

Though they originally agreed to share custody of 8-year-old daughter Bryn, Frankel made the legal move for full custody after Hoppy was charged with stalking her.

Their trial is set for March.

[Image via WENN.]

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Pete Davidson Cancels Comedy Show In Wake Of Ariana Split

Too Heartbroken For Comedy?

Pete Davidson Cancels College Comedy Gig At Last Minute

The show must go on. Well, most of the time.

We guess Pete Davidson isn’t in a laughing mood after his surprising breakup with Ariana Grande.

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The SNL star was scheduled to headline Comedy Night Live at Temple University on Wednesday but was replaced last minute by Adam Devine, as announced on social media Tuesday afternoon:

The Philadelphia university’s Student Activities department confirmed to UsWeekly the heartbroken comic had cited “personal reasons” for canceling:

“Pete Davidson has pulled out of his appearance here, last minute, due to personal reasons.”

Poor guy.

Must be awful being on a comedy stage when everyone knows you just got dumped. But that’s the job, right?

Do YOU give Pete a pass on canceling the gig? Or should the show go on??

[Image via NBC/WENN.]

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Ariana Grande Opens Up About ‘Anxiety’ As Ex-Fiance Pete Davidson Deletes Instagram!

'Not Today Satan'

Ariana Grande Opens Up About 'Anxiety' As Ex-Fiance Pete Davidson Deletes Instagram!

Ariana Grande is staying strong…

As we reported over the weekend, the singer and Pete Davidson called off their four-month-long engagement.

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On Tuesday, the songstress shared the (above) post on Instagram Story about “anxiety,” and how she refuses to let it ruin her day!

The 25-year-old wrote:

“Can’t believe i almost let my anxiety ruin this for me today!!! Not today satan ! not tomorrow or the next day either not no more u can suck my big green d**k. Finna sing my heart out and be a big walking vessel of love bye”

According to, on Tuesday, the No Tears Left To Cry musician skipped a dress rehearsal for NBC’s A Very Wicked Halloween 15th anniversary special.

A source says the hitmaker couldn’t make it due to a scheduling conflict.

Speaking of Insta (and big d**ks), as of this writing, the Saturday Night Live actor has completely deleted his account. Back in July, after beefing with Ari’s fans, the funny man deleted all of his pics because “the internet is an evil place and it doesn’t make [him] feel good.”

According to a People report on Monday, the two “still plan on spending time together” despite canceling their wedding.

[Image via Ariana Grande/Instagram.]

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Chris Pratt & Anna Faris Just Had The Easiest Divorce In History…

Easy Peasy!

Chris Pratt & Anna Faris’ Divorce Practically Finalized

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are practically officially divorced.

TMZ reports that the former couple have signed the documents that will make their divorce final. They now wait on a private judge to make it all official.

The couple reportedly worked together in private to reach a settlement of their finances. They have a prenup, and will split 50/50 custody of their son Jack.

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On Monday, Anna’s lawyer Laura Wasser asked the judge to remove the case from the court system and have it handled by a private judge instead in hopes of speeding up the process. Wasser pulled the same trick for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s divorce.

Chris and Anna have both moved on since announcing their split last year, but have been spotted amicably co-parenting their 6-year-old kid. It’s the cleanest celeb divorce we’ve seen in some time, folks.

[Image via Mario Mitsis/WENN]

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‘Bachelorette’ Alum Jordan Kimball Is Ready For Love Again After Jenna Cooper Drama

Back On The Market!

'Bachelorette' Alum Jordan Kimball Is Ready For Love Again After Jenna Cooper Drama

Jordan Kimball is ready to move on!

Fresh off being freed from a LOT of drama and a bitter breakup from ex Jenna Cooper, the breakout Bachelor In Paradise star appears ready to date again — and, as he claims, he’s ready for love!

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Jordan was all smiles on Monday night’s Dancing With The Stars, when he appeared as a guest to help out fellow BiP cast mate and buddy Grocery Store Joe (as you can see pictured, above) and his dance partner Jenna Johnson get through a tough Magic Mike-inspired routine.

But it was what Kimball had to say after the performance that really lets us know he’s ready to jump back into the dating scene.

Talking to ET, Kimball admitted (below):

“That’s how you end up on the show, ya know Bachelor Nation is looking for love. Love is lost, you continue, you recover and you move on and we’ll see. My girl is out there for me. I’ll find her.”


Kimball — who says he’s completely done with Cooper, and is no longer even speaking to her — has really grown since being the easy-to-hate villain on Becca Kufrin‘s season of The Bachelorette.

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And whether you believe him, or Jenna, or whomever else in that whole allegedly-faked text message debacle… it really sounds like Jordan has completely put things behind him, and he’s OK with that.

Moving on!!!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?!

Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via YouTube.]

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Ariana Grande Returns Engagement Ring To Pete Davidson — But She’s Keeping Piggy Smallz!

The Ring Is

But Ariana Grande Is Keeping Piggy Smallz!

They are divvying it up.

TMZ is reporting that Ariana Grande has already returned her 3.03 carat diamond engagement ring to “heartbroken” former fiance Pete Davidson. And we’re sure he’s happy she did — the custom platinum sparkler cost him nearly $100K!

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As for the former pair’s teacup pig Piggy Smallz — she’s staying with Ari as the teeny porker was hers since the beginning. Kinda awk since the SNL star got a tattoo of Piggy on his torso.

Yesterday sources revealed the duo will still spend time together post split, so we guess the pig might still see Daddy after all!?

[Image via Instagram]

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Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson ‘Still Plan On Spending Time Together’ After Broken Engagement!

'It's Not Like They Split & Never Plan On Seeing Each Other'

Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson 'Still Plan On Spending Time Together' After Broken Engagement!

It’s not totally over yet!

As we reported over the weekend, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson reportedly called off their engagement.

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Despite canceling their wedding plans, the two “still plan on spending time together.” According to a People source on Monday:

“Their engagement is off, but they still plan on spending time together… It’s not like they split and never plan on seeing each other again. They just decided to slow things down.”

Wait… they didn’t split? Or they just didn’t split on horrible terms?

In regards to calling off the engagement, the insider says the singer found it difficult to plan the couple’s wedding.

“She realized that planning a wedding right now felt very rushed. It’s not what she wants to do right now. She doesn’t want to make any rushed decisions and has decided to take a step back instead.”

While a source close to the Saturday Night Live actor says the breakup is “definitely fresh” for him, the insider believes a reconciliation isn’t completely out of the question.

“They totally could get back together because who knows with those two… Honestly who knows — they were fully together on Saturday.”

Okay… so they DID split, then?

A different insider agrees that “it’s not totally over. She supported him at SNL this weekend, and with them, you never know.”

However, the source admits “the engagement being called off was very sudden,” and that Pete and Ariana  “put on this front of being so happy but there were lots of fights and struggles behind the scenes.”


Much like their quick engagement, their canceled wedding is just as confusing!

The moral of the story? Don’t rule them out just yet!

[Image via Ariana Grande/Instagram.]

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Did Justin Getting Married Lead To Selena’s Breakdown??

Justin's Marriage 'Hit Her Hard'

Surprise Hailey Baldwin Wedding 'Threw Off' Selena Gomez

So… Any Jelena fans still out there holding out hope?

Not only did we get an insider on Monday claiming Justin Bieber is “not over” Selena Gomez, we’re now hearing vice versa is true as well!

In fact, a source is now telling People Selly’s emotional breakdown that’s been causing the Biebs so much pain may have been precipitated by getting rocked by the news her ex had married Hailey Baldwin!

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The source explains:

“Selena can be a delicate flower, especially because she has had constant medical struggles, but Justin’s engagement and quick marriage threw her off guard and hit her hard.”

We’re not sure “delicate flower” is how we’d describe Selena — gurl has been through A LOT.

But Justin always did seem to be her kryptonite… The source continues:

“She and Justin have been on and off for years, although they were so young when it all began. Justin was her first big love, and she isn’t over him.”

And there you have it.

Anyone who never stopped saying Jelena are OTP must be feeling pretty good right now.

Do YOU think there’s any chance of these two getting back together now that Justin is married??

[Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram/Apega/WENN.]

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