Nicki Minaj’s New Merch Line Is A Total Jab At Her Fight With Cardi B

Money Moves

Nicki Minaj's New Merch Is A Direct Jab At Cardi B!

Nicki Minaj is making money moves off of her iconic fight with Cardi B.

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The rapper’s new line of merch is poking fun at when the young starlet tried to get into it with her at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party in September. You may remember Cardi later shared on Instagram:

“I’ve let a lot of s**t slide! I let you sneak diss me, I let you lie on me, I let you attempt to stop my bags, f**k the way I eat!”

Well, the Anaconda artist is owning the phrase “Nicki Stopped My Bag” as a play off of the new momma’s statement following the fight.

Ch-ch-check to see how she’s using it on her merch (below):

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✨✨ 🚫🎒

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We wonder if Cardi’s getting a cut of the profits…

Yikes!! What do YOU think of the new merchandise?!

[Image via Patricia Schlein/WENN.]

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Asia Argento Files Police Report Against Rose McGowan’s Partner Rain Dove

Police Report Filed

Asia Argento Is Accusing Rain Dove Of 'Deception'

As if things weren’t already complicated enough…

Asia Argento has filed a police report in Italy against Rose McGowan‘s partner Rain Dove, accusing the model of fraud and deception.

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As we previously reported, Rain claims to receiving texts from the Italian actress alleging she admits to sleeping with an underage Jimmy Bennett, and handed the messages over to authorities. The 43-year-old alleges she was the one who was sexually assaulted.

Asia said of Rain, who identifies as binary:

“I reported Rain Dove to the police for deception. I believe she released private text messages out of context with the purpose of destroying my reputation. The police are investigating.”

The starlet also disclosed to DailyMailTV a text message where Rain is allegedly bribing court officials in Rose’s upcoming cocaine possession case.

This is just the latest twist in the feud between the #MeToo activists, and we honestly have no idea what’s going to happen next!!

[Image via IPA/Rocky/WENN.]

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Sarah Jessica Parker Can’t ‘Imagine’ Doing A Movie Without Kim Cattrall

Still Feuding?

SJP Attempts To Shut Down Feud With Kim Cattrall, Again!

More from the feud that never ends? Or is it over?

It seriously still pains us thinking about Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall being on such bad terms after costarring as besties on Sex and the City for nearly 12 years between the show and two movies.

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A fan commented on a recent SJP Instagram:

“You are still my hero. Please replace or write her out — Kim/Samantha if she is not interested and bring back Sex and the City Movie #3. The fans need this.”

To which Sarah Jessica replied, “Not sure if I can imagine doing another movie without her. X.”

Kim has been trying to put her SATC days behind her much to the dismay of fans, and has been brutally vocal about her disdain for her former friend.

We would love another movie too, but we are siding with SJP on this one!

[Image via Sarah Jessica Parker/Instagram & WENN.]

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Lady GaGa Fans Writing Fake Bad ‘Venom’ Reviews!

Lady GaGa VS Venom!

GaGa Fans Reportedly Writing Fake 'Venom' Reviews To Tank Movie!

On Monday night the social media embargo lifted for the Tom Hardy Venom movie, and it’s mostly what you’d expect.

Reviews are not great, though critics definitely tried to find nice things to say.

Video: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Trailer Looks Great Tho

Our fave faint praise is “funny, intentional or not” and “not a complete disaster?” LOLz.

BUT some folks couldn’t help but notice quite a few of the Twitter “opinions” looked familiar…

But this apparent trolling campaign isn’t just to badmouth Venom.

Note that quite a few of the copy/paste reviews are also praising A Star Is Born

Well, Buzzfeed reached out to some of the supposed bots and found they were real people. And ONE was a Lady GaGa fan who confessed some Little Monsters had coordinated!

“It’s us Gaga fans creating fake IDs to trash the Venom premiere. They both are getting released on the same day, so we want more audience for A Star Is Born.”

OK, that also sounds fake. LOLz!

But the person pointed out some less obvious ones, pretending to be midwestern moms!

Hilariously, once the plot (?) was uncovered, some Venom fans (is that a thing?) began retaliating:

Little Monsters vs alien symbiote.

This is literally the strangest Twitter beef we’ve ever seen.

Whose side are YOU on, we guess??

[Image via Sony/Warner Bros/YouTube.]

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Asia Argento’s New Tattoo Is A Literal Dagger For Rose McGowan!

Savage New Ink!

Asia Argento's Tat Takes A Stab At Rose McGowan!

Will the drama ever end with these two?

Asia Argento‘s new tattoo is a total jab at #MeToo activist and former friend Rose McGowan! Ouch!

She documented getting inked on her ankle by Italian tattoo artist Marco Manzo on her Instagram Story Saturday, adding “Bye bye @rosemcgowan” as the caption.

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In her next pic, she shared the finished product, and wrote “Significato: vendetta consumata,” Italian for “consumed revenge.”

But was a permanent reminder of this saga necessary?

[Image via IPA/WENN. & Asia Argento/Instagram.]

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Cardi B & Nicki Minaj’s Ex Meek Mill Party Together At Billboard Event In NYC!

Watch Out, Nicki!

Cardi B & Meek Mill Party Together At Billboard Event!

Here’s a sight Nicki Minaj probably won’t be pleased to see.

The Barbie Dreams rapper’s rival Cardi B and her ex boyfriend Meek Mill rubbed elbows Thursday night at the Billboard 2018 R&B Hip-Hop Power Players event in New York City.

Cardi was sizzling in a lime green fur-lined coat and a light blue wig as the pair were photographed together outside the event held at at Legacy Records. During the ceremony, Meek was honored with the Impact Award — but we’re sure the duo had plenty of other topics to discuss.

Photo: Nicki & Lewis Hamilton Ride Quads In Dubai!

Namely, Nicki, who just three weeks earlier, got into a heated altercation with Cardi during a New York Fashion Week party. As for Meek, he had dated the Anaconda performer for about two years, starting in 2015.

We’re not sure if Mizz Minaj came up during the night, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Cardi and Meek teaming up for a collab in the near future. Click HERE to see the pic and observe their energy.

[Image via Derrick Salters/WENN]

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Rose McGowan Issues Apology To Asia Argento Over ‘Not Correct’ Statement!

'I Deeply Regret'

Rose McGowan Issues Apology To Asia Argento Over 'Not Correct' Statement!

UPDATE 3:35 PM PST: Asia responded with:


The saga is over… for now.

As we reported, Asia Argento blasted (and later threatened legal action against) Rose McGowan for her August 27 statement where she says romantic partner, Rain Dove, received alleged texts from Argento saying Asia received “unsolicited nudes of [accuser] Jimmy [Bennett] since he had been 12.”

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(According to an alleged screenshot from Argento, Dove later clarified that the text said Jimmy was 17.)

On Thursday, McGowan issued a public apology to Argento about her “not correct” statement.

The Citizen Rose star wrote:

“On 27 August I released a statement about Asia Argento, which I now realized (sic) contained a number of facts that were not correct. The most serious of these was that I said that the unsolicited nude text messages Asia received from Jimmy Bennett had been sent since Jimmy was 12 years old. In fact, I had misunderstood the messages that Asia exchanged with my partner Rain Dove, which made clear that Jimmy had sent Asia inappropriate text messages only after they met up again when he was 17 (still legally a minor in California, but notably different from a 12 year old).”

McGowan also states she will no longer “comment further” on Argento and Bennett’s 2013 sexual encounter as she does “not feel that it is [her] place.”

In an interview with DailyMailTV, Argento says she received a call from McGowan following the passing of boyfriend Anthony Bourdain. Asia now calls Rose’s actions a “publicity stunt.”

Read McGowan’s full apology (below):

[Image via IPA/WENN.]

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Pete Davidson Slammed Chevy Chase So Hard Howard Stern ERASED It!

'Just A Genuinely Bad, Racist Person'

Pete Davidson Comes Swinging For Chevy Chase

Pete Davidson is typically a pretty chill guy.

But he is not taking those Chevy Chase jabs lying down!

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In case you missed it, the SNL alum panned the new cast in a Washington Post interview earlier this week, saying:

“I’m amazed that Lorne [Michaels] has gone so low. I had to watch a little of it, and I just couldn’t f**king believe it. That means a whole generation of s**theads laughs at the worst f**king humor in the world. You know what I mean? How could you dare give that generation worse s**t than they already have in their lives? It just drives me nuts.”

Obviously this isn’t the first time the Vacation star has criticized the show, which he says went downhill “after the first two years.” You know, right after he left.

Well, when Howard Stern asked Pete about that, the gloves came off! Pete replied:

“He’s a f**king douchebag. F**k Chevy Chase. I hate that dude. He’s just a genuinely bad, racist person and I don’t like him. F**k him. He’s a putz. I don’t like him.”

Ouch! He continued:

“What has he done since ’83? Like, nothing. He had a really big career and then it stopped because everybody realized he’s a jerkoff… He should know more than anybody. It’s just like disrespectful to Lorne, too, a guy who gave you a career. No matter how big you get, you can’t forget like, what that guy did for you.”

This is far from Chase’s first feud, but we’re not sure we’ve ever seen him served so effortlessly!

Innerestingly, the section was REMOVED from the SiriusXM show in later airings.

Pete’s publicist denied to TheWrap that he had requested it be taken down. A Sirius insider said sometimes pieces are just edited out for subsequent versions.

Um, boring ones. Not fighting words like these. Not unless someone demands it.

Is NBC looking to quiet down any feud between future and past SNL stars?

What do YOU think is going on??

[Image via Derrick Salters/MTV/WENN.]

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Lisa Vanderpump Reportedly Isolating Herself From ‘RHOBH’ Costars! 

'Real' Drama!

Lisa Vanderpump Reportedly Isolating Herself From 'RHOBH' Costars! 

Season nine of RHOBH is going to be juicy!

According to TMZ, Lisa Vanderpump is isolating herself from her Bravo costars.

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Apparently, the SUR owner is making almost zero effort to interact with her cast mates, both on-camera and off.

While the restaurateur previously told the publication she is NOT feuding with Dorit Kemsley over a dog adoption, Erika Girardi confirmed on E!‘s Daily Pop that Vanderpump refused to be around the other Housewives during the cast photoshoot.

The exact reason for the drama is still unclear… We’ll keep you posted!

[Image via W.Wade/WENN.]

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Nicki Minaj Turns Cardi B Fight Into A Meme!


Nicki Minaj Turns Cardi B's Accusation Into A Meme!

Did Nicki Minaj stop YOUR bag??

Following her shoe-throwing fight at a New York Fashion Week party, Cardi B went on Instagram to accuse her rival of attempting to “stop [her] bags,” which basically means preventing someone from getting money or an opportunity.

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On Wednesday, in preparation for the next episode of “Queen Radio,” the Bronx femcee turned Bardi’s accusation into an Internet joke with the hashtag #NickiStoppedMyBag!

Miz Minaj wrote on Twitter:

Almost immediately, the Barbz came up with their own scenarios where Nicki stopped their bag! See the best ones (below):

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/John Rainford/WENN.]

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