Drake Freaks Out After Learning Adele Was In The Crowd At His Show!

Adele On Drake!

Singer Reveals Champagne Papi Blew Her Mind In Weekend Concert!

Even the stars can be fans!!

Drake had a concert on Friday night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, and there was at least one very, very famous person in the audience to watch it!

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Tweeting after the show, ch-ch-check out what Adele thought of the night out in El Lay (below):

Awww! So sweet!

Good thing Drake didn’t know she was there, though!

No, seriously — he FLIPPED OUT when he found out later Adele had been watching his show, sharing (below):


Too funny!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Mischa Barton Shares First-Look Photo With Co-Stars On ‘The Hills’!

Mischa & 'The Hills'

Mischa Barton Snaps Pic With Cast Mates On 'The Hills'!

Such a fun throwback!

Mischa Barton opted to hang Friday night with a few cast mates from the forthcoming re-boot of The Hills, and judging by the Instagram pics that were snapped during the hang sesh, we seriously can’t wait to see what’s coming for that show!!

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Ch-ch-check out Mischa’s pic with Audrina Patridge and Stephanie Pratt (below):

So fun!!!

Mischa looks as happy as ever now that she’s signed on to this re-boot! It’ll be so much fun for all of us to re-live The Hills!!!

[Image via Instagram.]

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Ashley Graham Accused Of Losing TOO MUCH Weight Now!

Ashley Graham Attacked For Weight Loss

Supermodel Accused Of Leaving Body Positivity Behind

Man, Ashley Graham just can’t catch a break!

Just a couple months ago she was smacking down trolls for saying she looks pregnant in her bikini.

POLL: Study Claims Plus Size Models Are ‘Normalizing Obesity’

Now fans are turning on her for losing too much weight?!

(Actually most are upset because she’s “loosing” too much weight. Yes, we’re spelling-shaming. WHUT.)

Yes, the comments flooded in after this photo post on Thursday:

Yowza, right??

Unfortunately if you check out the comments section you’ll see some very angry and disappointed fans among the many drooling ones.

Comments include:

“Too skinny. Don’t represent me anymore.”

“U loose weight whyyyy ?! 😢”

“You don’t look like a curvy model anymore.”

“So she finally decided to join the main stream and wanna become thin isint she proud of her plus size anymore?”

“You look stunning but I’m afraid that being plus sized is never going to be socially accepted when the woman who practically founded it in the first place continues to lose weight or photoshop.”

Come on, y’all!

Ashley Graham. Does. Not. Owe. You. Her. Body.

If she wants to lose some weight, gain some weight, lift some weights, that is HER prerogative.

That being said, gurl looks amazing and is SO pulling off that bold, beautiful Prabal Gurung dress.

What do YOU think about her new look??

[Image via DJDM/WENN/Ashley Graham/Instagram.]

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Khloe Kardashian Reflects On 6-Month Anniversary Of Tristan Thompson Cheating News

6 Months Later...

Khloe Reflects On Halfiversary Of Tristan Cheating Scandal

Time flies when you’re… um, in a shaky relationship with trust issues?

Believe it or not, Friday marked exactly six months to the day the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal broke.

That meant Khloe Kardashian‘s normally cryptic Instagram Story post this morning was just a bit more obvious than usual.

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She wrote, beginning “In 6 months time…”

Khloe Kardashian Tristan Thompson Cheating IG Story

Guess she’s still focused on making it work.

[Image via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram.]

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Ariana Grande Confirms She ‘Took A Break’ To Take Care Of Herself

'Been Thru Hell'

Ariana Grande Responds To Troll Who Called Her Lazy

Ariana Grande came to her own defense after a troll called the singer out for being lazy and posting a video of her pet pig set to her song breathin, but not a fancy music video. Ouch!

The singer has definitely been going through a rough time lately after her ex Mac Miller tragically passed away last month, so this commenter seriously has no empathy!!  (more…)

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Selena Gomez Fans Troll Hailey Baldwin Over Singer’s Hospitalization

Fans Attack Hailey Baldwin

Selenators Troll & Blame Hailey For Selena's Hospitalization

Selena Gomez fans everywhere are understandably troubled by the singer’s recent emotional breakdown.

But some Selenators are voicing their concerns and theories on why the 26-year-old’s mental health reached a breaking point by ruthlessly trolling Justin Bieber‘s fiancee Hailey Baldwin, blaming her for it all.

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Just take a look at some of the bold comments left on Baldwin’s latest Instagram post.

One user asserted that right now, Justin’s mind is solely focused on his former flame: (more…)

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