Jennifer Lawrence Brings New BF To Ex’s Movie Premiere!

Awkward Party!

Jennifer Lawrence! Her New BF! Her 2 Exes! Taylor Swift's Man!

Jennifer Lawrence may claim she’s totally friends with all her exes, but for some people this would be a WAKING NIGHTMARE!

The Red Sparrow star was seen in attendance at the New York Film Festival premiere of bestie Emma Stone‘s new movie The Favourite Friday night, and she brought her new man Cooke Maroney as her plus one.

According to onlookers, Emma spotted her BFF in the audience and gave her a HEY GIRL.

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The only problem? Emma’s costar in the dark comedy is none other than Jen’s on-again, off-again ex Nicholas Hoult!

The ex and the current together? Eek.

But that’s not all! Apparently J.Law’s OTHER recent ex, mother! director Darren Aronofsky, was also there to check out the movie! Oof!

Oh, did we mention Taylor Swift‘s man, Joe Alwyn, is one of the stars of the film, too? And Taylor was there supporting him??

Luckily no sign of Harry Styles and Tom Hiddleston. LOLz!

[Image via Johnny Louis/Adriana M. Barraza/Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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Jennifer Lawrence Is Reading Your Tweets

Jennifer Lawrence Is Reading Your Tweets

J.Law Says She Secretly Returned To Social Media

Hey, that thing you said about Jennifer Lawrence to a stranger on Twitter? You may have said it to Jennifer Lawrence.

After very publicly shunning social media in 2014, saying she was “scorned” by the Internet, the Mother! star says she’s back on…

And just hiding quietly.

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In a new InStyle interview, Jen was asked why she wasn’t on social media when she made the surprising admission:

“I’m on it. But I’m a voyeur: I watch, I don’t speak.”

Why not just engage completely? That’s an easy one for someone who has “a tendency to say whatever pops into my mind.” She explains:

“There is always so much backlash. So many people are listening and paying attention, and they have so many opinions about absolutely everything. I really don’t want to welcome that unless it’s absolutely necessary. I don’t want to put myself out there for no reason. Unless I’m promoting something or something really burns my onions, you won’t hear from me.”

Obviously we know she made a point to speak out in an essay on gender parity in show business, and it made a big impact.

Maybe keeping quiet until your onions burn really is the best way to use social media…

[Image via CBS/WENN.]

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Scarlett Johansson Is Forbes’ Highest Paid Actress Of 2018! See The Top Ten List!

Bank Widow!

Scarlett Johansson Is The Highest Paid Actress Of 2018!

Black Widow strikes again!

According to Forbes, Scarlett Johansson is this year’s highest-paid actress with $40.5 million in pretax earnings between June 1, 2017 and June 1, 2018.

The majority of the actress’s money came from playing Black Widow in Avengers: Infinity War, which quadrupled her 2017 earnings and disintegrated last year’s highest paid actress, Emma Stone, like she was the victim of Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet.

ScarJo edged out Angelina Jolie, who landed the number two spot with $28 million. Angie returns to the ranking largely thanks to her upfront pay for Maleficent 2.

Video: Trans Actors Shade Scarlett By Auditioning For HER Roles!

Interestingly enough, right behind Angie on the list is Jennifer Aniston, who earned $19.5 million mostly thanks to her endorsements with Emirates airlines, Smartwater, and Aveeno. Dang!

Y’all might be laughing at Jen for doing those commercials — but she’s clearly laughing her way all the way to the bank!

The rest of the list is no surprise. Ch-ch-check out top ten highest paid actresses of 2018 (below).

Scarlett Johansson – $40.5m

Angelina Jolie – $28m

Jennifer Aniston – $19.5m

Jennifer Lawrence – $18m

Reese Witherspoon – $16.5m

Mila Kunis – $16m

Julia Roberts – $13m

Cate Blanchett – $12.5m

Melissa McCarthy – $12m

Gal Gadot – $10m​

[Image via WENN]

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Jennifer Lawrence Is ‘Happy’ & Still Going Strong With Boyfriend Cooke Maroney

So Happy!

Jennifer Lawrence & Boyfriend Cooke Maroney Are Still Going Strong

J.Law is happy and boo’d up!

ICYMI, a “Happy Birthday!” is in order for Jennifer Lawrence, who recently celebrated her 28th trip around the sun. And you better believe the Red Sparrow actress has a lot to smile about, from turning another year older (and hotter) to her budding relationship with art dealer, Cooke Maroney.

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The pair have been dating since May, and were recently spotted spending time together in Paris. An insider told People that the couple stayed at The Ritz hotel, and “seemed happy, occasionally holding hands” while out and about in the City of Lights.

The source continued that the couple’s trip was “very short,” and that they spent most of it walking around together.

Sounds like the perfect couples getaway if you ask us, and we’re glad to hear these two are still going strong!

[Image via WENN.]

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QUIZ: What Kind Of Celebrity Would You Be?


Quiz Time!

What Kind Of Celebrity Would You Be?

When you get discovered, what kind of star are you going to be?

Do you keep it more mysterious like Beyoncé? Or do you let the whole world in like Kim Kardashian West? Are you tryng to be super relatable like Jennifer Lawrence? Or do you own your uniqueness like Cardi B? This is something you (or your publicist) will have to decide before you brand yourself!

Get a head start by taking our quiz to see which celebrity lifestyle complements your walk of life (below).




[Image via FayesVision/JRP/WENN.]

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Jennifer Lawrence HIGHlariously Grills BFF Emma Stone On Anxiety, Turning 30, & Having Kids!


Jennifer Lawrence GRILLS Emma Stone!

Interview Magazine may be gone, but its legacy of stars interviewing stars lives on.

For her new Elle cover story, Emma Stone got to be interviewed by her BFF Jennifer Lawrence — unfortunately, that was something of a double-edged sword!

Video: Emma And Jonah Hill Reunite In Netflix’s Maniac

See, your friends know things about you no one else does — meaning they know right where to dig…

Ch-ch-check out J.Law grilling her pal Emily about turning 30, choosing her family, and being “sensitive on a level that is problematic” (below):

On Oversensitivity

JL: When you act, do you use your imagination? Do you use wounds from the past?

ES: That’s a good question!

JL: I know; I’m a great interviewer.

ES: Well, I tend to use a lot of stuff that has actually happened in my life, and I pull from feelings that came with certain experiences. Then it at least feels productive to have all these feelings [laughs], which is why I started acting in general. And I guess I use my imagination to an extent.

JL: So you can make yourself cry purely just from imagining something horrible? You’re that sensitive?

ES: Jen.

JL: I know you, but I have to ask for the people who don’t know you. Emily, are you sensitive?

ES: I am sensitive on a level that is problematic.

JL: Emily blushes watching TV. She blushes for someone on TV.

ES: [Laughs] I mean, I’ve talked to my therapist about it before, and she’s like, Thank God you found [acting].

JL: An outlet.

ES: I started acting in youth theater when I was 11. But it’s weird when it becomes your job. And then there are other parts of it, like sitting here with the tape recorder in between us, that aren’t things that you think about when you’re a kid and it’s just like, ‘This is a safe, great place to feel a lot.’

On Turning 30

ES: Honestly, turning 30—because I’m turning 30 in a couple of months—I know people talk about, like, turning 30 and the experience of that.

JL: Thirty, flirty, and thriving!

ES: [Laughs] My twenties were a really interesting time, and there’s been a lot that has happened in these past 10 years, both positive and not as positive. It’s weird how much turning 30 crystallizes your life. Instead of just living the dreams that I had in my youth and getting to do the job that I love to do and making friends and going through all of that, it’s like, Now what do I actively want as an adult?

On Anxiety

JL: What do you think caused your anxiety? Do you think you were born like that, or do you think something happened that made you extremely sensitive, or do you think that you’re naturally pathetic?

ES: I think that it’s a combination of all of it.

JL: Do you remember a time when you felt more anxious than you ever had?

ES: Yeah, when I was seven. That’s when I started having panic attacks, which I’ve talked about pretty extensively. I think your wiring is just kind of what you are. My mom always says that I was born with my nerves outside of my body. But I’m lucky for the anxiety, because it also makes me high-energy.

On Friendship

JL: Who’s your favorite friend?

ES: I really like [Lawrence’s dog] Pippi.

JL: She has a personality!

ES: I love Pippi’s mom.

JL: So are friends important to you? And why?

ES: I think friendship is pretty much everything. Here’s another turning-30 thing I’ve realized: You pick your family. You realize that your friendships, the people who go with you into these next phases of your life— you’re choosing your family.

JL: And what’s most important to you in friendship?

ES: Loyalty is enormous.

JL: Oh, I love that you pointed at me.

ES: You’ve been one of my most loyal friends for years. And I think knowing that you can laugh together and that not everything has to be such a big deal.

On Having Kids

JL: Would you be a mother? She’s going to be the best mom; she’s so nurturing.

ES: That’s how you are! I think your maternal instinct is very strong and always has been.

JL: Thank you, honey.

ES: My perspective about kids has changed as I’ve gotten older. I never babysat or anything. As a teenager, I was like, I’m never getting married, I’m never having kids. And then I got older and I was like, I really want to get married, I really want to have kids.

JL: When I was a teenager, every boyfriend I had I was like, I guess this is the one! I was that girl. [Laughs] Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a baby?

ES: Aw, a whole village.

JL: Science.

ES: It’s the turning-30 thing where you’re like, I’m not that young. I’m young, but I’m not that young.

Read the whole adorable interview HERE!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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Stardom Stories — Celebs Who Were Discovered In Random, Weird, & Interesting Ways!

Stardom Stories — Celebs Who Were Discovered In Random, Weird, & Interesting Ways!

no title

Johnny Depp followed his friend to an audition… Jennifer Lawrence was on vacation when a talent scout spotted her!

Some stars were discovered in the most normal ways!

Ch-ch-check out who else got a once in a lifetime chance in the entertainment industry (below)!

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CLICK HERE to view “Celebs Who Were Discovered In Random, Weird, & Interesting Ways”

CLICK HERE to view “Celebs Who Were Discovered In Random, Weird, & Interesting Ways”

CLICK HERE to view “Celebs Who Were Discovered In Random, Weird, & Interesting Ways”

CLICK HERE to view “Celebs Who Were Discovered In Random, Weird, & Interesting Ways”

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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Jennifer Lawrence Is Reportedly Dating A High End Art Dealer!

Jennifer Lawrence Is Reportedly Dating A High End Art Dealer!

no title

Jennifer Lawrence just marked her red dot on a new man!

According to a new report, the Red Sparrow star has been quietly dating art gallerist Cooke Maroney for the past few weeks.

Video: John Mayer Knows J.Law Avoids Him!

The 33-year-old works as a director at New York’s Gladstone Gallery, which reps artists such as Lena Dunham‘s dad Carroll. A source revealed the two met through J.Law’s friend Laura Simpson, telling the tabloid:

“They met through Jen’s friend Laura├óΓé¼┬ª The relationship has been going on a few weeks. But they have been very private and careful not to be seen together.”

One must be delicate when dealing with such a work of art!

Reps for the actress haven’t commented on the romance just yet. Would U ship this couple?

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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