‘SNL’ Skewers Kanye’s Meeting With Donald Trump In MUST-WATCH Opening Skit!

'SNL' On Trump & Kanye!

'Saturday Night Live' Perfectly Captures The Chaos Of That Ridiculous Oval Office Meeting!

This is too damn funny! Saturday Night Live did their thing last night on NBC, and Alec Baldwin reprised his now-typical role as Donald Trump, recapping the week that was for our insane, orange President.

But it wasn’t just Baldwin who stole the show on SNL!

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With Kenan Thompson taking the role of football legend Jim Brown, and Chris Redd doing a MARVELOUS impression of Kanye West, the entire skit was on point and firing on all cylinders!

Seriously, ch-ch-check it ALL out (above)!!! Too funny!!!

PS — there were a handful of other good SNL skits and clips last night, too… watch ’em all HERE!

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John Goodman Says He ‘Crashed’ After ‘Roseanne’ Got Canceled

'I Crashed'

John Goodman Talks About Life Post 'Roseanne'

Things just haven’t been the same for John Goodman since Roseanne got canceled. Even with a second chance on screen with ABC‘s The Conners, which picks up right where the reboot left off sans Roseanne Barr, the actor admits that he basically “crashed” after his on-screen wife was let go from the show. Watch him explain how things “got really weird for him” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (above). And catch the new show when it premieres Tuesday, October 16, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Ariana Grande Loves Pete Davidson ‘Like Kanye Loves Kanye’, Oh The Irony…

Love U Pete!

Ariana Grande Says She Loves Pete Davidson Like 'Kanye Loves Kanye'

Ariana Grande knows how to show love, and troll!

The God Is A Woman singer posted some sweet shots of support for her man Pete Davidson on Saturday, before his performance on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Ironically, the 25 year-old might have been trolling Kanye West a bit while doing it!

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Ch-ch-check out the shot of Pete on SNL, with the Kanye inspired caption (below):

Ariana Grande Pete Davidson

In the bottom right hand corner, a gif reads ‘I love you like Kanye loves Kanye’, a line from Ye’s 2016 single I Love Kanye.

How ironic that Ari used this line right before her fiance tears Ye to shreds in a bit on the show. LOLz…

Grande shared another shot of her boo looking dapper in a suit, paired with a happy cat emoji:

Ariana Grande Pete Davidson

Gotta love a good sense of humor!

[Image via WENN/Instagram.]

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Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Spark Marriage Rumors On Instagram!


Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Spark Secret Marriage Rumors

Kylie Jenner really loves her baby daddy Travis Scott.

The Astroworld rapper hit the stage as Saturday Night Live‘s musical guest this weekend, performing a medley of tracks from his latest #1 album.

Proud girlfriend Ky was all about supporting him and was more than impressed with Travis’s set. She posted a few lovey dovey videos that have left fans curious!

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Ch-ch-check out the clip of Kylie’s Instagram Story reposted by a fan account (below):

Notice the “hubby” with three heart eyes emojis? Does this mean these two are secretly married?!

It’s probably just a sweet shout out, as it’s not that uncommon to use “hubby” as a pet name for your non-wed significant other. Oh, but she also posted this video right after:

We can’t help but wonder if these two will pull a Hailey and Justin and tie the knot on the low someday…

Or have they already??

Until we know for sure, check out Travis’s dope performance on SNL in full HERE.

[Image via Kylie Jenner/Instagram.]


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Late Night Addresses ‘Secretive, Speedy, & Sketchy’ FBI Investigation Into Brett Kavanaugh

A 'Quickie'

Late Night Weighs In On FBI Investigation Involving Brett Kavanaugh

In just five days, the FBI has completed their investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

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The White House has come out saying they found no corroborating evidence of sexual assault, despite not interviewing MULTIPLE people who said they had credible information.

As Jimmy Kimmel said in the video (above):

“It’s amazing how much you won’t find when you don’t look for it, it really is.”

Kavanaugh’s college roommate — who was also not interviewed by the FBI — even spoke out to Anderson Cooper, saying the SCOTUS nominee lied about his blackout drinking, vomiting from drinking, “Devil’s Triangle” meaning, and “boofing”.

We still believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Senators, who got very little time to review the investigation documents, are beginning to cast votes today, October 5.

Ch-ch-check out what the rest of late night had to say about the quickie FBI job (below):

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