Melania Trump Says Her ‘I Really Don’t Care’ Jacket Was A ‘Message’ To The Media!


Melania Trump Says Her 'I Really Don’t Care' Jacket Was A 'Message' To Media!

Melania Trump wishes the media would stop focusing on what she wears — which is exactly why she wore a jacket with a controversial message on it during a trip to a migrant child detention center earlier this year. 

When asked about the infamous “I really don’t care, do you?” jacket in an interview with ABC News, the former model admitted that it was “kind of a message” to her haters, AKA “the people and left-wing media.”

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FLOTUS explained:

“It’s obvious I didn’t wear the jacket for the children, I wore the jacket to go on the plane and off the plane. It was for the people and for the left-wing media who are criticizing me. I want to show them I don’t care. You could criticize whatever you want to say. But it will not stop me to do what I feel is right.”

At that moment, what Mel felt was right was to plaster a cryptic message on her back as a way to lampoon the media for being “obsessed” about her clothing rather than her “initiatives.”

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She continued:

“I often asking myself, if I had not worn that jacket, if I will have so much media coverage… I would prefer they would focus on what I do and on my initiatives than what I wear.”

Ummm then maybe trade your bold fashion statements for some bold initiatives? We’re still waiting for that anti-cyberbullying campaign to kick off, starting with Donald Trump.

Watch Mel’s interview (below) to hear her response about the controversial jacket.

[Image via Euan Cherry/WENN.]

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Melania Trump Is Too Busy FLOTUSing To Worry About Donald’s Alleged Affairs!

Not Important!

Melania Trump Is Too Busy To Think About Donald’s Alleged Affairs!

Most of the world can’t hear enough about Donald Trump’s alleged infidelities, but not Melania Trump

In a new clip from her interview with ABC News, FLOTUS said she does not concern herself with the reports, rumors, and tell-all books about her President’s alleged cheating because she has “much more important things” to worry about.

Video: Melania Calls Herself The World’s ‘Most Bullied Person’

She told cameras last week during her first solo foreign trip:  (more…)

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Twitter Responds To Melania Trump’s ‘Bullied’ Comment On Michelle Obama’s Behalf!


Twitter Reminds Melania Trump About Michelle Obama!

Now it all makes sense.

Today we learned why Melania Trump would want to tackle online bullying as her First Lady platform — she thinks she’s one of the most bullied people in the world! Seriously!

Man, how self-centered can you be to not notice the massive amounts of racism, sexism, and body shaming on the Internet that isn’t directed at you? Doesn’t she follow Donald Trump on Twitter?  (more…)

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Melania Trump Says #MeToo Accusers Need To ‘Show The Evidence’

FLOTUS Opens Up More

Melania Trump Says 'Really Hard Evidence' Is Needed For Sexual Assault Cases

Melania Trump had two big moments this week — her first solo trip as the First Lady and a sit-down interview with Good Morning America.

While on a four-nation trip in Africa (remember when Trump called African nations “s**thole countries?“), Melania sat down with ABC’s Tom Llamas, sharing her thoughts on everything from the #MeToo movement, to her husband’s presidency, and other issues of impact.

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Like with the other glimpses we’ve gotten of Melania, we can’t exactly tell how she’s feeling from her words:

“We need to have really hard evidence that if you’re accused of something, show the evidence. I do stand with women, but we need to show the evidence. You cannot just say to somebody, ‘I was sexually assaulted,’ or, ‘You did that to me.’ Because, sometimes, the media goes too far and the way they portray some stories, it’s not correct. It’s not right.”

And that’s not all. She says she stands with women, but also commented during the interview that “we need to support them and also men, not just women.”

Sounds a bit like she’s agreeing with her husband Donald Trump, who said before Brett Kavanaugh‘s Supreme Court confirmation that it is “a very scary time for young men in America.”

She even threw a little shade to organizations she’d apparently like to work with, but don’t want to associate with the Trump “administration.”

“It’s sad to see that organizations and foundations I want to partner with choose not to because of the administration. And I feel like they’re choosing the politics over helping others.”

Hmm, we wonder why they wouldn’t want to be associated with your husband?

[Image via Good Morning America/Twitter.]

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Melania Trump Opens Up About Her Disagreements With Donald Trump, Asks Him To Put His Phone Down

Melania Trump Has Asked Donald To Put His Phone Down!

FLOTUS Opens Up About Disagreements With POTUS

Melania Trump was her most candid during a trip to Cairo on Saturday. After telling reporters she thinks Brett Kavanaugh is highly qualified for a spot on the Supreme Court, though she was glad Dr. Ford was heard, she opened up about the disagreements she has with husband Donald Trump. She even admits to asking him to put his phone down (too bad he doesn’t always listen)! Watch for yourself (above)!

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Trump & White House Can’t Decide Whether To Lie About Secret Resister!


Trump & White House Can't Keep Their Stories Straight On NY Times Op-Ed

Wednesday was a historic low point for our country — or at least it was a signal to the American people that we were already at a low point.

ICYMI, The New York Times released an op-ed written by a high ranking official in Donald Trump‘s administration who is secretly resisting the President’s “more misguided impulses” which tend to be “un-Democratic.”

This secret resister says several higher-ups are working hard to keep Trump from destroying the country.

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The President has been described as “volcanic” after the release — so mad in fact he can’t decide on a coherent strategy.

In the space of 2 tweets he called the act all-caps TREASON*, demanded the Times turn over the official’s name, and said the whole thing was made up.

*It’s not treason btw. Treason is aiding a foreign power against the interest of the United States. You know, like Trump is accused of doing.

The White House obviously didn’t get the memo that they were supposed to use the old fake news defense on this one.

Probably because they know everything written in the article is true.

This was the official statement released by Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders:

“The individual behind this piece has chosen to deceive, rather than support, the duly elected President of the United States. He is not putting country first, but putting himself and his ego ahead of the will of the American people. This coward should do the right thing and resign.”

Nor did Melania, who released a statement Thursday morning saying the same:

Yeah, they definitely know this is a real person. (But WHICH real person?)

The important thing for us to know, as the op-ed says, is that there are adults in the room.

But the President of the United States of America is not one of them.

And he needs to be removed.

[Image via Dutch Press Photo/WENN.]

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Donald Trump Apparently Thinks The U.S. Flag Has A Blue Stripe

Red, White, & S**t-For-Brains

Donald Trump Doesn’t Even Know What An American Flag Looks Like!

It can’t be, can it? Could Donald Trump be so gone and so un-American that he’s literally unable to color in the flag properly?

That’s what Twitter is saying after pics from a photo-op of the First Couple visiting children at an Ohio hospital seemingly show the president coloring in a stripe on the U.S. flag with a blue (!) marker!

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The original picture was taken from a tweet shared by Alex Azar, Secretary of Department of Health & Human Services, and showed Trump with a freshly colored blue-striped flag in front of him.

To prove this was no fake news, the Twitter user who publicized the image tweeted another photo that showed the Commander in Chief straight up holding a blue marker to the paper:

Needless to say, the internet went apes**t.

Most responders blasted the man who criticizes NFL players for their alleged lack of respect for the flag when he doesn’t even know what one looks like. Others suggested that maybe Donnie thought he was trying to color in the Russian flag and got confused halfway through.

See the responses to Trump’s arts and crafts fail (below).

At least he managed to stay inside the lines.

[Image via Euan Cherry/WENN]

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Melania Trump’s Cyber Bullying Speech Is Too Much Hypocrisy For Twitter To Handle!

Be Best... At Name-Calling.

Melania Trump Gives Cyber Bullying Speech While Donald Attacks People On Twitter

Melania Trump is really doing it. She’s really moving forward with this “Be Best” anti-cyber bullying campaign.

As the FLOTUS gave a speech decrying the “destructive and harmful” effects certain types of social media interaction can have, Donald Trump was busy viciously attacking the credibility of anyone who disagrees with him.

Just minutes after Melania’s speech he was attacking John Brennan, whose security clearance he removed last week simply for criticizing him, calling him a “hack” and the “worst CIA Director in our country’s history.”

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Between calling LeBron James dumb, calling Omarosa a dog, calling Ted Cruz‘s wife ugly, saying Mika Brzezinski was “bleeding badly from a face lift”, and of course attacking the men and women of the U.S. Justice Department and FBI…

Let’s face it, it’s probably safe to say he’s the biggest cyber bully who ever lived.

Folks on Twitter couldn’t help but point out the hypocrisy of Melania’s speech either:


Here’s Melanie’s whole speech (below):

[Image via C-SPAN/Joel Ginsburg/WENN.]

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