Olivia Munn Splashes Cold Water On Vanity Fair’s Hot Take On ‘Predator’ Controversy!

WTF, Vanity Fair??

Olivia Munn Calls Out Mag Over Their Hot Take On Her 'Predator' Controversy

Get out of her way, Vanity Fair, because Olivia Munn isn’t going to be intimidated into silence!

Yesterday, the mag published a piece online suggesting that other actors in The Predator may have been better suited to help Olivia’s cause during the film’s unfortunate sex offender controversy… had she just waited a bit so director Shane Black could have his big night on the red carpet.

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Yeahhhhh…. that did NOT sit well with Olivia.

In response to the article, Munn posted this message to Twitter early Tuesday morning (below):


Olivia keeps taking a stand on what SHOULD BE a strong and sensible position… that her co-stars and others in the industry don’t see it as such tells you everything you need to know about men in power protecting other men at the expense of the safety and well-being of women.

Shameful, Hollywood!

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Boyd Holbrook Apologizes & Supports Olivia Munn Amid ‘Predator’ Casting Controversy!

'This Type Of Social Commentary Is New To Me'

Boyd Holbrook Apologizes & Speaks Out On 'Predator' Controversy!

Better ‘late’ than never…

As we reported, Olivia Munn criticized The Predator director Shane Black‘s decision to cast registered sex offender Steven Wilder Striegel in a now-cut scene.

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Shortly after costar Sterling K. Brown responded on Twitter, on Monday, Boyd Holbrook issued a statement where he apologizes for being “late,” and stands in support of Munn and her activism.

The actor told Variety:

“I want to start by apologizing for this statement coming late in the current conversation… I do not take any of what has gone on lightly, and I want to speak from the most honest and genuine place possible. I have stated before, and I will state it again, I am proud of Olivia for the way that she handled a difficult and alarming situation, and I am grateful that Fox took the information seriously and took action swiftly.”

Last week, Munn said at the Toronto International Film Festival that she felt isolated by her male costars, which prompted a response from Brown.

Holbrook admits he “pulled out of a small amount of press” over the weekend because he didn’t want to “cause unwanted trauma and pain” to the victim. He continued:

“It is true that I pulled out of a small amount of press on Saturday, as this type of social commentary is new to me and given the nature of the originating crime, I felt further discussion could cause unwanted trauma and pain, neither of which I wanted to incite to the anonymous young woman… I now realize that my understanding of the situation was not the full picture and the last thing I want is for Olivia to ever feel abandoned or alone. We are in the midst of a very crucial and important time, and it is imperative that we keep listening.”

In 2010, Striegel plead guilty to two felonies — risk of injury to a child and enticing a minor by computer — and served six months in jail.

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Olivia Munn Opens Up To Ellen DeGeneres About ‘The Predator’ Sex Offender Controversy

Olivia Munn Talks To Ellen DeGeneres

'The Predator' Star Discusses The Film's Ongoing Sex Offender Controversy

Olivia Munn is one tough woman!

The star of the new film The Predator has been making the media rounds recently after she found out an actor who had a (now-deleted) scene in the movie is a registered sex offender with a nasty criminal history!

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But despite feeling shunned by cast mates after the revelations came out, Olivia is getting a LOT of credit publicly for bringing attention to such a troublesome situation.

And as you can see (above), it even landed her on the set of Ellen to talk to host Ellen DeGeneres about it, too. It’s a powerful and important clip that really speaks to the larger forces at play around this controversy!

Bravo, Olivia!!

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Sterling K. Brown Responds To Olivia Munn After Actress Acknowledges Feeling Shunned By Cast Of ‘The Predator’ Over Registered Sex Offender Controversy

Sterling K. Brown Responds

Actor From 'The Predator' Acknowledges Olivia Munn's Concerns After She Admits Feeling Shunned By Cast Over Controversy

Olivia Munn must feel like she’s all alone on a deserted island.

One of the stars of the new movie The Predator, Munn has been in the news quite a bit recently after uncovering the presence of a registered sex offender brought on set controversially by director Shane Black.

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And while production bosses took immediate steps to remove Steven Wilder Striegel‘s short scene from the movie after they learned what their star actress had figured out about the man, Olivia Munn still got the short end of the stick from much of the cast and crew after speaking up.

Now, though, things may be (slowly) changing.

For one, on Saturday night, the 38-year-old actress was honored at the Creative Coalition‘s Spotlight Awards Dinner in Toronto where — while choking back tears — she opened up even more about what it was like to feel shunned from her cast just for bringing to light a disturbing practice by the director Black.

She said (below):

“[Striegel’s firing] came out on Thursday and the interesting thing is not one of my cast members reached out to me to say ‘Are you ok?’ or ‘thanks’ or anything. At the premiere that night I look over and the other five cast members are giving the director [Shane Black] a standing ovation, but they didn’t even give me a call that day … I keep pushing forward and keep going knowing that at least you did the right thing, even if you’re not getting that support. The only reason I’m talking about this publicly when usually I wouldn’t talk about something so personal is because today, in the middle of an interview a cast member walked out and refused to do any more interviews with me because they said questioning when they’re with Olivia is too draining for them… I’m trying not to cry. I’m not crying because I’m sad, it’s a very frustrating feeling to be treated like you’re the one who went to jail for a crime against a child when all I did was the right thing.”


No doubt this would be emotional for anybody — and when you combine it with other comments she made about the situation over the weekend, it’s easy to understand that Munn does NOT feel supported by her colleagues right now.

But finally — FINALLY! — at least one fellow cast member has respondedSterling K. Brown.

Quote-tweeting part of Olivia’s THR interview from the weekend, Brown wrote this (below) to his co-star:

That’s a thread, all right.

At least Brown responded — but is it just us, or does it seem very… measured… while giving Shane Black too much room to wiggle off the hook of personal responsibility for (once again) casting his sex offender buddy in the first place without telling anyone?!

Also, let’s hope Brown personally (and privately) reached out to Munn, too, and didn’t just use a public platform to show performative contrition without actually being concerned if his colleague is truly emotionally and mentally healthy after this.

Just a thought. But still, it’s better than we can say of most of the cast…

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?! Are we way off on our take here about Sterling’s response to Olivia, or do you agree??

Let us know your opinions in the comments (below)!!

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Olivia Munn Still Hasn’t Heard From ‘The Predator’ Director Shane Black After Sex Offender Controversy

Olivia Munn Talks #MeToo

The Actress Still Hasn't Heard From 'The Predator' Director Shane Black After Sex Offender Controversy

Not a good look here for Shane Black… again.

As we’ve been reporting this week, the director of The Predator has come under fire after it was discovered (and released by Olivia Munn) that Black had continually cast one of his buddies in small parts in his films over the past years.

Only problem… the “buddy” in question is a registered sex offender with a violent criminal history and that is NOT cool.

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Munn revealed this weekend in a sit-down with THR that not only has she STILL not heard from Black after the controversy erupted (dude, WTF? Be an adult), but she shares some pretty strong words about the #MeToo movement and how it is male directors even think they can get away with things like this in the first place.

Some highlights…

On deciding to step out publicly with the information in the first place:

“We’re making movies. We’re not in the mafia. I haven’t spoken against the family. This guy isn’t in our movie anymore. I try to do the right thing and that’s all I can do, and when I see something, you do something. You don’t just sit back and hope it protects your movie. The movie is a great movie, the scene isn’t in there. It’s going to do well. At the end of the day, it’s just a movie. We can’t tell stories about people and not care about people. … There are people who get very mad at you for not just helping them bury it.”

On her current status with Shane Black:

“Well, I haven’t heard from Shane. I did see his apology that he put out. I appreciate the apology. I would have appreciated it more if it was directed toward me privately before it went public and I had to see it online with everyone else. It’s honestly disheartening to have to fight for something so hard that is just so obvious to me. I don’t know why this has to be such a hard fight. I do feel like I’ve been treated by some people that I’m the one who went to jail or I’m the one that put this guy on set. I found out, and I was really important to me to have the scene deleted.”

And on how this relates to the #MeToo movement in general:

“The truth is that the situation that we’re in over the last year or so, the #MeToo movement, it really exists because the people online who are appalled and outraged and demanding that things be changed. The people who are at the top, the people colluding to keep abusers in power, the people who are colluding to turn a blind eye so that they can keep making money, they are the people who created this disparity in the first place. We can’t really depend on them to make a change. It’s the people online and people who express their outrage … If the fans and public keep expressing that they won’t go support who are abusers or organizations or companies that support that, then that will make them change. Nothing really changes until people see that it will affect them personally.”

Well said on all counts; Olivia’s full THR interview is worth a read, and you can do so by clicking HERE.

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Thoughts, Perezcious readers?!

Let us know in the comments (below)…

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Olivia Munn Criticizes ‘The Predator’ Director Shane Black’s Decision To Cast Registered Sex Offender For Movie

Olivia Munn To The Rescue

Actress Calls Out Shane Black, Director Of 'The Predator' For Casting Registered Sex Offender Buddy In Movie

Good on Olivia Munn for taking a stand!

The actress has spoken out publicly about an unsettling incident while filming her upcoming movie The Predator, where one of the actors who played a small role in the film — Steven Wilder Striegel — turned out to be a registered sex offender!

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Worse yet, Striegel is apparently a buddy of director Shane Black, and received preferential treatment for the role while Black allegedly never informed the actors or crew about casting a registered sex offender to appear and work on set!


Back in 2010, Striegel pled guilty to attempting “to lure a 14-year-old female into a sexual relationship via the internet,” according to reporting done by the L.A. Times.

Thankfully, at least, when Fox found out about Striegel’s background, they immediately cut his scene from the film. He played a jogger who made REPEATED sexual advances on Munn’s character. Ick.

Olivia spoke out about it now, in a statement released to the media today (below):

“[It was] both surprising and unsettling that Shane Black, our director, did not share this information to the cast, crew, or Fox Studios prior to, during, or after production … [I was] relieved that when Fox finally did receive the information, the studio took appropriate action by deleting the scene featuring Wilder prior to release of the film.”


Late last night, amid this controversy, Munn tweeted this message (below), too:

Good stuff, Olivia!


And shame on you, Shane Black — because this is far from the first time you’ve casted Striegel AFTER his offense… learn your damn lesson!!!

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Celebs Of The #MeToo Movement Defend Asia Argento Against Disgusting Claims She Caused Anthony Bourdain’s Suicide

Celebs Of The #MeToo Movement Defend Asia Argento Against Disgusting Claims She Caused Anthony Bourdain’s Suicide

no title

We are all sad and confused about the loss of Anthony Bourdain. But some fans are taking it out on the wrong person.

Someone who is already in a great deal of pain.

Asia Argento was the focus of a great deal of ire among the dregs of toxic masculinity even before her boyfriend’s death, for her outspoken role as part of the #MeToo movement, and getting Bourdain involved in it as well.

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Now she’s being blamed by those “internet trolls” for his suicide as well, and the movement has her back.

An open letter obtained by The Wrap and signed by Terry Crews, Olivia Munn, Rose McGowan, and 42 more famous faces of #MeToo, demands Asia be left to grieve in peace: (more…)

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