Jenna Cooper Claims Jordan Kimball ‘Changed Dramatically’ After ‘BiP’ Cameras Stopped Rolling!

Jenna Blasts Jordan!

Former 'Bachelor In Paradise' Love Wilts As Male Model Allegedly 'Changed Dramatically'

Not a great look here for Jordan Kimball!

The former Bachelorette villain turned Bachelor in Paradise star on this most recent past season of the hit summer show is now being blasted by ex Jenna Cooper — herself reeling after putting her phone through a forensic examination to prove she didn’t cheat on him!

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In a statement released to us by Jenna’s rep Steve Honig, Cooper reveals quite a bit, both about the forensic examination itself, and how Jordan allegedly more or less abandoned her after cameras stopped rolling (below):

“A comprehensive forensic examination of Jenna’s devices by an independent third-party expert has definitively confirmed none of the text messages in question came from Jenna’s phone. Given the conclusive findings of the forensic report, Jenna’s team is considering all options available to Jenna relating to the fraudulent texts. After the cameras stopped rolling, Jordan’s demeanor toward Jenna changed dramatically. He let it be known there was only room for one celebrity in the relationship, he was more successful and famous than her, she would never make as much money as him or amount to anything in life. She was belittled and made to feel insignificant and worthless. He continues to disparage her to this day. As painful as this has been for Jenna, she is glad he showed his true colors before they were married and began building a life together.”


So not only does Cooper’s forensic phone examination by security firm Protus3 ultimately conclude that the incriminating texts did not originate from Jenna herself… but Jordan really sort of let her down there, anyways, didn’t he?!

What a disappointment from a guy who appeared to have turned a corner during his time filming BiP!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers??

Are you surprised, or not?!

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Teresa Giudice Speaks Out About Husband’s Deportation Ruling

Teresa Speaks Out

'RHONJ' Star Is Sharing Her Heartbreak On Joe's Deportation

For Teresa Giudice, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star spoke out symbolically on Sunday afternoon, railing against her husband’s deportation ruling with a very pointed image that told the whole story.

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Here’s the pic Teresa posted both on her Instagram account, as well as her IG Stories (below):

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A post shared by Teresa Giudice ® (@teresagiudice) on

Wow — not too difficult to dissect the meaning and tone of THAT.

Teresa is said to be “devastated” at Joe Giudice‘s deportation ruling, and this is arguably more difficult for the family to deal with than when her and Joe took turns serving time in prison.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?!

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Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee’s Son Brandon Will Be Part Of ‘The Hills’ Reboot!

Brandon Lee Joins 'The Hills'

Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee's Son Just Announced As Part Of The Show!

Get ready for another addition to The Hills!

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee‘s son Brandon is finalizing his deal right now, and will soon be officially joining the MTV reboot of The Hills, according to a new report in Page Six.

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An insider relayed info about the addition, noting that Brandon lives near cast mate Brody Jenner, and saying (below):

“The show is very Brody Jenner centric. The cast is circling around him and his friends.”

Of course, Lee was not an original member of the show — but the reboot appears to be focusing a larger net upon Jenner’s new friends, neighbors in Malibu, etc…

Either way, we can’t wait to see it — and we are always excited to hear more about new additions!!!

What do U think of Brandon Lee’s addition to the show, y’all??

Let us know in the comments (below)!!!

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Former ‘American Idol’ Star Busted On Heroin Charges

American 'Idol' No More!

Former 'American Idol' Star Busted On Heroin Charges!


Antonella Barba — best known for her appearance on the sixth season of American Idol — was just busted for allegedly trying to distribute heroin, according to a new report out in TMZ.

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Barba, who was eliminated from the show right before the top 12 were chosen way back in 2007, had already come into some notoriety during the season…

She was the one who posted in a wet t-shirt in the fountain of the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.!! Yeah….

And now she’s facing serious legal upheaval, after police in Norfolk, Virginia arrested her on Thursday around 11:30 a.m. and charged her with attempting to distribute more than 100 grams of heroin.

Details are scarce, but it appears she’s still in jail, and being held without bond before she faces her first court date next week.


[Image via Norfolk Sheriff’s Office.]

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Teresa Giudice ‘Devastated’ Husband Joe Is Getting Deported

Life Without Joe

Teresa Staying 'Strong' For Her Daughters Despite Husband's Deportation

After a judge ruled that RHONJ‘s Joe Giudice will be deported to his homeland Italy after serving out his sentence in Pennsylvania, and his wife Teresa Giudice is “devastated,” a source shared with E!:

“Teresa is devastated at the news that Joe will be deported to Italy. Even though she always knew this was a possible outcome, Teresa convinced herself that Joe wouldn’t be deported.”

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Teresa wasn’t in court for her hubby’s deportation ruling and has yet to comment on the latest update in his case, but the source confirmed her main priority right now is her daughters and ailing father.  (more…)

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Joe Giudice To Be Deported To Italy After Completing Jail Time

Back To Italy

Joe Giudice Will Reportedly Be Deported Following Prison Sentence

In a little under a year from now, Joe Giudice will be returning to Italy.

The latest report comes from RadarOnline, confirming that a judge ruled on the order in immigration court Wednesday morning.

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Presiding Judge John Ellington told the courtroom  — where wife Teresa Giudice was reportedly absent from — saying:

“Based upon the law, I find you deportable and ineligible for any kind of relief. Mr. Giudice, no matter how this turns out, I wish you the best. I decided this case as a matter of law.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is currently serving a 41-month sentence in federal prison on bankruptcy fraud charges. Back in June, we reported that there was a chance for the reality star to remain stateside after applying for “a cancellation of removal” and filing a motion to terminate the charges in late May. At the time, both motions were “pending.”

The 46-year-old felon, who appeared at the hearing from his Allenwood, Penn. prison via teleconference, understandably did not take the news well:

“I don’t understand how I can be deported on this case. If you will, I’ll tell you my side. I shouldn’t even be here right now. I have to go back and tell my kids this, and they’ve been waiting to hear from me.”

The online publication reports that the judge explained that Giudice has a chance to file another appeal by November 9.

So it’s highly likely that the legal back-and-forth will continue through 2019.

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EXCLUSIVE! Former ‘RHONJ’ Star Kim G Is Back, And She’s Wasting No Time Going After Danielle Staub!


Kim G Is Back With Bold Claims!

Y’all remember Kim G., right?!

Well, she’s back — and current Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub can’t be looking forward to seeing her former friend very much, because Kim Granatell (pictured above, inset) is ready to spill ALL the tea!

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So news broke this week that Danielle is still living with estranged husband Marty McCaffrey, as Staub has been saying the pair bought a house “together” in an interview with Wendy Williams about the situation.

But Kim is claiming that’s out as a flat-out lie, reaching out to us with the following statement (below):

“She has screwed so many people so where does one begin. Just like she stuck it up Andy’s butt with the bold face lie about Marty being a full-fledge Yankee, now she sticks it up Wendy’s butt too with this house ownership lie. She made her look like a fool on national TV. It’s 100% lie they bought it together. Probably someone that doesn’t her, so that’s why Marty is a trustee. Something is fishy. It’s all in the public record. I’m finally glad to see the other housewives are realizing how horrible she is. After trashing Margaret, Jackie and Jaqueline [Laurita] and screwing over Adam Barta, good friend of housewife Margaret Josephs, by sabotaging a song project he worked on with Danielle pro bono, and now defying Bravo, she has no-one left!”

Wow!!! Bold claims!

Uh, Kim, tell us how you really feel?!?!?!

There’s a smoking gun here, though, according to Kim, and that’s the public records… they apparently don’t show Danielle’s name ANYWHERE on the real estate listing, she says! If so Kim may be on to something fishy here!!!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?!

Share ’em in the comments (below)…

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Meghan Markle’s Nephew Cast In New Royal Reality Show

Really Royal!

Meghan Markle's Nephew Is Headed For Reality TV!

One of Meghan Markle‘s family members is headed for reality TV!

Her nephew Tyler Dooley was just cast in The Royal World, a new MTV series playing on The Real World, which will focus on royals and aristocrats who come together for a summer in the English countryside.

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Tyler is the son of Meghan’s former step-brother Thomas Markle Jr., and is one of the Duchess’ only family members who hasn’t been bad-mouthing her for 15 minutes of fame. Meghan’s father and sister have done basically nothing but that since her wedding day.

He might not be royal, or British… but that’s clearly not stopping him from cashing in on this deal.

Watch (above) for some of what he has to say about the royal family and his Auntie Meghan!

[Image via Dutch Press Photo/WENN.]

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Farrah Abraham Calls Bristol Palin A ‘Single White Female’ & SLAMS ‘Teen Mom OG’ Casting

'Single White Female'

Farrah Abraham Continues To Shade New 'Teen Mom OG' Cast

Farrah Abraham really doesn’t care for her new Teen Mom OG replacement.

Since newcomer Bristol Palin took her spot on the hit MTV franchise, Abraham has been pretty vocal about her feelings about the 27-year-old, along with fellow newcomer Cheyenne Floyd.

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The entertainer let it all out during an interview with SiriusXM’s The Jenny McCarthy Show on Monday, telling listeners why she’s not on board with the network’s latest casting:

“I would say it’s not appropriate for both Bristol and the other woman who has joined. I would say it’s inappropriate. When you’ve been watching a show and you know what it’s about, hovering around for so long, I don’t think that’s authentic to what the show is about.”

According to Abraham, Palin and Floyd are “Teen Mom groupies” who didn’t go through the same vetting process that she and others did:

“All of these women were asked, ‘Have you watched this show? Are you fans?’ If other women were found to be fans or have watched, they were not be allowed to be selected.”

She even made a bold accusation that Cheyenne and ex Cory Wharton reportedly had a child just to be on the show!

“I see that Cheyenne and this other person who has been on MTV definitely collaborated and had a child and knew that there had been a space opening to be on Teen Mom. Bristol, she’s been around. She’s been to public speaking engagements with Maci [Bookout] and so I really feel like they’re in the same category of those women who were chosen not to be on the show because they were Teen Mom fans. That’s the reason why I say what I say. It’s kind of a sad case.”

The reality TV starlet also threw in some shade about the ratings not being the same since she left, so we’re going to take this all with a grain of salt.

The tea is hot this morning guys…

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