Chris Evans DESTROYS Piers Morgan’s Toxic Daniel Craig Tweet!

Captain VS Morgan!

Chris Evans DESTROYS Piers Morgan's Toxic Daniel Craig Tweet!

Another day, another horrible Piers Morgan take.

This time the Good Morning Britain host decided to mock Daniel Craig for carrying his child in a papoose.

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We guess he thinks the macho thing would be to “leave that to the womenfolk?”

He wrote:

Srsly? He’s BONDing with his baby, you insufferable idiot!

We’d love to point out Piers is dressing down a man as “emasculated” for the act of BEING A GOOD FATHER, but you know what?

Someone who knows a little something about manliness, Chris Evans, absolutely NAILED it with his Twitter response.

We believe this is yours, Captain America…

In case you were wondering, Piers has FOUR CHILDREN.

[Image via Mr.Blue/WENN.]

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Elizabeth Warren Releases DNA Results & Calls Out Trump On His $1 Million Donation Pledge!


Elizabeth Warren Releases DNA Results & Calls Out Trump

Elizabeth Warren has the receipts! 

On Monday, the U.S. Senator released the results of a DNA test showing that she has distant Native American ancestry, effectively clapping back at those who accused her of lying about her heritage — namely, Donald Trump.

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In a video shared on Twitter page, the Massachusetts Democrat is seen getting the results from Carlos Bustamante, a professor of genetics at Stanford and adviser to Ancestry and 23 and Me.

When Warren asked what her genetic data revealed, Bustamante told her that she “absolutely [has] a Native American ancestor in your pedigree.”

The full report, now shared on Warren’s website, states that “the great majority of (Warren’s) identifiable ancestry is European,” but the analysis “also identified 5 genetic segments as Native American in origin at high confidence.”

Trump, who affectionately calls Warren “Pocahontas,” brushed off the DNA results on Monday, telling press “who cares?”

But Warren remembers that Trump cared quite a bit about her purported heritage — especially the time he claimed he would donate $1 million to the charity of her choice if she ever released her DNA results.

The president denied ever saying that, of course, but Warren (and the rest of the media) has receipts for that, too:

Don’t mess with Lizzy.

[Image via CBS/YouTube.]

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Wait, Cardi B Wants To Get Pregnant Again Already?!

Pregnant Again?!

Cardi B Hints At Having ANOTHER Baby!

Cardi B means business!

After asking her man Offset to turn her into “a New York pretzel” and f**k her in 30 different positions for her birthday this past weekend, it seems as though the momma’s already got babies on her mind… again!

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Despite just giving birth to Kulture in July, the rapper posed this question on Sunday to her fans on Twitter (below):

It’s clear she had a REALLY good weekend in bed with her hubby!


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Thoughts about the I Like It artist’s new baby desires so soon after, Perezcious readers?!

Share ’em with us in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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The Internet Freaks Out Over Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Royal Baby News!

Baby On The Way!

The Internet Freaks Out Over Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Big News!

Happy Monday, y’all!!

For those who haven’t caught up with the royals yet, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been announced to be expecting their first child together!

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And obviously, the internet can’t get enough of this royal baby news!

It’s not really surprising they’ve got everyone talking on Twitter, is it?? Just ch-ch-check out some of the best reactions (below)!

Did you guess it??

[Image via Dutch Press Photo/WENN.]

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Kanye West Is Back On Twitter…

Kanye's Back!

Ready Or Not, Kanye West Returns To Twitter...

Not sure if this is a good thing or not, but… Kanye West has returned to Twitter!

After dumping the social network recently to streamline some things in his life and likely improve his personal mental health, ‘Ye re-activated his account over the weekend while in Africa with Kim Kardashian West and their family.

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Yeezy is working on music on the continent right now, and as part of that project, he’s tweeting little snippets of video from Uganda for all his followers to see (below):

So there you have it, y’all…

He’s baaaaaa-aaaaaaaaack!!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Donald Trump Praised Robert E. Lee At Friday Night Ohio Rally — WTF??

Trump Loves Robert E. Lee

Why The Hell Did The President Spend Time Praising A Confederate War General?!

WTF is Donald Trump thinking?!

We realize that question never has an easy answer (zing!) but seriously, at a Friday night rally in Ohio, what the f**k was this?!

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As you can see in the video (below), Trump took his Ohio rally and turned it into some weird shrine to the Confederate military General Robert E. Lee for… no apparent reason:


WTF is that, Donald???

Twitter exploded reacting to the President’s absolutely moronic comments (below):




[Image via YouTube.]

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Twitter Reacts To Kanye’s WILD Meeting With Trump!


Twitter Reacts To Kanye & Trump's WILD Meeting

Kanye West‘s White House visit was even wilder than expected as he steamrolled over Donald Trump and ranted for nearly 10 minutes before taking questions.

Those watching — the ones who weren’t too flabbergasted to speak — had a lot to criticize.

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See the best responses to Ye’s Trump love fest, complete with sexism, racism, conspiracy theories, nonsense, and — oh yeah, his iPhone password (below):  (more…)

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Twitter Responds To Melania Trump’s ‘Bullied’ Comment On Michelle Obama’s Behalf!


Twitter Reminds Melania Trump About Michelle Obama!

Now it all makes sense.

Today we learned why Melania Trump would want to tackle online bullying as her First Lady platform — she thinks she’s one of the most bullied people in the world! Seriously!

Man, how self-centered can you be to not notice the massive amounts of racism, sexism, and body shaming on the Internet that isn’t directed at you? Doesn’t she follow Donald Trump on Twitter?  (more…)

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Alec Baldwin Shredded After Claiming Black People ‘Love’ Him For His Trump Impression

Sounds Like Trump...

Twitter Shreds Alec Baldwin For Claiming Black People ‘Love’ Him

Maybe Alec Baldwin should cool it with his Donald Trump impression, because he’s starting to sound like the guy — and not in a funny way.

The actor has come under fire for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in which he claims that black people “love” him due to the Trump spoofs he does on Saturday Night Live.

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Interviewer Lacey Rose described an interaction Baldwin had with a fan named Tyrone, who approached the 60-year-old actor on the streets of New York City to praise his Trump portrayal, recalling:  (more…)

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Lady GaGa Writes Essay On Suicide As Stars Speak Out On World Mental Health Day

It’s OK To Not Feel OK

Lady GaGa & More Stars Speak Out On World Mental Health Day

Lady GaGa and other stars are opening up about their struggles for World Mental Health Day. 

On Wednesday, the A Star Is Born actress co-penned a powerful op-ed for The Guardian, in which she calls on readers to become part of the “new movement” to fight the most extreme symptom of the world’s mental health emergency: suicide.

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In the essay co-written with World Health Organization director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, GaGa notes the alarming statistic that 800,000 people will take their own lives by the end of this year, writing:  (more…)

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