Company Sells Celebrity DNA

Celebrity DNA

Yes, now instead of competing in an online auction (which is never guaranteed anyway) for a celebrity’s clothes, hair, fingernail clippings, or other personal belongings, now you can just purchase their DNA!

A Canadian company called Celebrity Gene is priding itself as the FIRST company in the world to sell DNA from famous and historical people who are living or deceased.

The celebrity DNA comes encased in a stylish necklace pendant containing original extracts, as well as a ruby, diamond, or sapphire of a specific weigh to protect against counterfeits.

Can anyone say…unnecessary perfect accessory? Ha!

Not into owning DNA from people you don’t know? That’s okay, Celebrity Genes will extract and purify DNA to put into stylish pendants from loved ones, children or even a pet.

That’s right! Prove just how much you love your children by wearing their DNA around your neck. They’ll love that story when they bring home their first boyfriend or girlfriend. LOLz!

And don’t worry, the company’s website says “all samples are obtained legally and only sequencing of the mitochondrial D loop is done to prove authenticity.”

We’re not sure who they’re selling exactly, but products will be added to their website after the Celebrity Gene Launch Party on April 2nd.

P.S. Someone give us a heads up if Perez is for sale!

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Mar 9, 2011 1:00pm PDT

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