Chris Hardwick’s Team Says These Dramatic Breakup Texts Discredit Chloe Dykstra’s Abuse Allegations

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Chris Hardwick can be a victim of emotional abuse, too.

And he sure made himself seem like it in the lengthy breakup text he sent to his then-girlfriend (now relationship abuse accuser) Chloe Dykstra in 2014. The message reveals how he was heartbroken after she cheated on him with a man named Sam, and how she tried to talk to him afterward to no avail.

In the text messages obtained by TMZ, The Talking Dead host detailed (mansplained?) all that was wrong with their relationship, including his tendencies to be a “pain in the ass” who gets “insecure and frustrated” easily.

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Most of the blame, however, was put on Dysktra.

Hardwick claimed the Just Cos host led him to believe she wanted to get back together after they went on a break, but never stopped seeing the man he had to “work with” — which was, according Hardwick, “the worst thing anyone has ever done to me.”

The dramatic message ended with Hardwick saying this would be the last time he contacted Dykstra, to which she responded with several texts begging to tell her side of the story. When Hardwick didn’t reply back, she simply told him:

“I will always love you.”

The text thread continued with Dykstra reaching out to Hardwick seven months later in an apparent attempt to reconcile. Hardwick’s team says it’s unlikely that Dykstra would try to get back together with him had she been emotionally and sexually abused throughout their relationship, like she claimed last week.

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Hardwick has already denied Dykstra’s explosive abuse allegations, claiming their breakup was due to her cheating.

These texts may substantiate his claims — but they’re also pretty one-sided. Is the truth somewhere in the middle, maybe?

Read the full text exchange HERE.

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Jun 20, 2018 12:05pm PST

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