Chloe Dykstra Thanks Supporters After Chris Hardwick Denies Sexual Abuse Allegations

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Now that her voice has been heard, Chloe Dykstra is ready to move on.

The actress and cosplayer took to Twitter Wednesday to thank fans for the support she received for the Medium essay she wrote accusing an unnamed boyfriend of sexual and emotional abuse.

Dykstra said the outpouring of love has done more for her healing process than the years of therapy she’s undergone, especially all the people coming forward with stories “validating” her own.

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The 29-year-old added that her heart goes out to all those “caught in the fallout” of her allegations — a possible reference to ex-boyfriend Chris Hardwick, whose career has taken a nose dive since he was believed to be the abusive ex in Dykstra’s essay.

With the scales balanced, Dykstra said she’s ready and excited to move forward with her life. Read her full letter (below).

[Image via Instagram.]

Jun 21, 2018 10:06am PST

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