Christina Aguilera Victim Of Photoshop Fakery?!


Ok, ok there is something slightly… off about Christina Aguilera’s newest Voice season three promotional pic (right), but in the realm of photoshop fails, it’s soooo minor!

The Voice’s Queen Judge has been receiving quite the onslaught of negativity concerning the above picture, but come on people! It’s not HER fault that someone got a teensy over excited with their photoshopping responsibilities!

And really, apart from smoothing a few bumps and making her dress look like it was painted on, the picture looks relatively similar to the unaltered Xtina at this weeks Voice promo event (left)!

Seriously, you wanna see some REAL atrocious photoshop-botch jobs? Check out the Kardashian sisters’ eyewear ad (they are some of the worst offenders!), or how about Katy Perry in these snaps for GHD!

And don’t even get us STARTED on the every-day ad campaigns, um ALLOY and Hollister!

So don’t be too hard on Christina! She’s looking damn fine in real life and that’s the TROOF!

[Image via Getty Images & Mark Seliger/NBC.]

Aug 17, 2012 9:22am PST

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