Corey Feldman STABBED In Abdomen By Total Stranger — Details Here

corey feldman stabbed la hospital

Man, oh man.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that Corey Feldman was taken to the hospital after he was STABBED in the abdomen by a total stranger. According to the Stand By Me Alum, he was attacked on Tuesday evening in El Lay’s San Fernando Valley, while sitting in his car.

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Although his security detail was with him at the time, Corey claimed that his guard was distracted by three guys during the assault. Apparently, a car pulled up and the stabber jumped out, attacked him, and quickly fled the scene.

Here’s Corey’s words on the violence:

It’s said Feldman was rushed to the hospital following the attack, which is where the Los Angeles Police Department learned of the stabbing. While the cops are investigating the matter, Corey feels pretty confident that he knows who is responsible for his hospital stint.

Supposedly, the 46-year-old industry vet has been receiving online threats from a group, named the Wolfpack. Since launching his war against the alleged Hollywood pedophile ring, Corey has frequently expressed a fear for his life. It looks like his concerns may’ve been valid. Smh.

Be sure to stay tuned for any more details on this matter. We’re certain we haven’t heard the last of this!

[Image via Corey Feldman/Twitter.]

Mar 28, 2018 8:14am PDT