CVS Manager AKA #CouponCarl Fired For Calling Cops On A Black Customer After Employee Assumed She Was Using A Bad Coupon

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Thought we saw the last of the “BBQ Becky”s and “Permit Patty”s of the world? Think again.

Continuing the summer of white people calling the cops on black people for virtually no reason is CVS employee Morry Matson, whom the internet has dutifully dubbed “Coupon Carl” after he apparently called cops on a black customer for using what he thought was a fraudulent coupon.

Camilla Hudson explained on Facebook that she presented a coupon for a defective product to the Chicago pharmacy manager last week; the manager apparently told her he’d never seen such a coupon and believed it was a fraud.

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Hudson said she then asked for the manager’s information, but he “became agitated and rude” before turning away from her. Enter Coupon Carl… who told the customer he’d call police if she didn’t leave immediately.

Well, neither party backed down. Hudson whipped out her phone and recorded the manager (shakingly) describing her to police over the phone.

After the video went viral, CVS prescribed an apology to Hudson and confirmed that Coupon Carl — a state delegate for Donald Trump in 2016, btw — and the second employee were “no longer employed by CVS Health.”

In a statement shared on the company’s Twitter account, CVS said it has “firm non-discrimination policies in place to help ensure that all customers are treated with respect and dignity. Profiling or any other type of discriminatory behavior is strictly prohibited.”

Watch the video (below) to see Coupon Carl earn his eternal internet name.

First those long ass receipts and now this? Smh…

[Image via NBC News/Facebook.]

Jul 17, 2018 3:11pm PST

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