Motherfucker! Trump Administration Just Filed Motion To Keep Children Detained LONGER!

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After nearly universal outrage over Donald Trump‘s family separation policy, he finally admitted he lied about his hands being tied — and signed an executive order ending the policy.

Sure, he’s lying AGAIN to say the policy was created by past presidents… but at least the problem is solved, right?


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Not only does the administration appear to have NO PLAN WHATSOEVER to reunite families with the more than 2,300 children already taken, the new plan that still involves detaining kids — just with their parents — is now looking worse.

The Department of Justice just filed an emergency motion in federal court Thursday to remove the 20-day-limit on detaining children!

Jeff Sessions‘ DOJ lawyers argue the current 20-day limit means they can’t lock up innocent children with their parents long enough for “the pendency of their immigration proceedings.”

Apparently locking them up in separate facilities, ones they could call something else, allowed them to bypass this rule.

The DOJ is also asking that the detention centers not be required to get state licenses as a child facility. After all, they’re about to have a ton more kids, so making them actually meet state requirements would really be a hassle.

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They even go so far as to say the unwillingness to detain these children longer has created “a powerful incentive for aliens to enter this country with children in violation of our criminal and immigration laws.” They say this policy has led to a “surge” in immigration.

(We know what you’re thinking. “Wasn’t Trump saying they were separating children from their families under Barack Obama? That’s what every Trump supporter is commenting across social media right now.” The answer is YES. Obama was both too lax AND doing exactly the same thing they’re doing. Trump logic. Tell as many lies as you can, so no one can pin you down.)

The bottom line is this: if they get what they’re asking for, the U.S. government is officially going to be mass incarcerating innocent children for an INDEFINITE period of time, i.e. as long as they want.


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Jun 21, 2018 9:28pm PST

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