Donald Trump Continues To Bully ‘Bimbo’ Megyn Kelly After HE Backed Out Of Debate — See What He’s Tweeting Now!

donald trump twitter megyn kelly bimbo statement

It’s like the feud that will never end!

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly have been beefing ever sing the GOP hopeful got steamed over his treatment at a debate last summer and made sexist remarks regarding the news anchor.

Since then, Trump has continued to bully Kelly and most recently backed out of Thursday’s debate on Fox News when he found out she would be moderating.

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As a result, Donald’s camp released a statement as to why he backed out, and Fox fired back supporting Megyn.

Despite rumors that the GOP hopeful dropped out because of the Fox anchor, as well as campaign manager Corey Lewandowski saying it had “nothing to do with Megyn Kelly,” Trump continued to Tweet hate toward Kelly!

The 69-year-old took to Twitter to share:

Um, saying you WON’T call her a name is pretty much the same as calling her a name!

Though we suspect Donald already knows that…


We wish we could say this surprised us but somehow Trump seems to take to bullying and tweeting whenever he’s bored. You know, like all professional Presidential hopefuls do. UGH.

What do you think of Donald’s most recent shade?

[Image via NBC/Alberto Reyes/WENN.]

Jan 27, 2016 3:23pm PDT

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