Oh Man, Trump’s Scribblings On Today’s Statement Are Even WORSE! Look!

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If you saw Donald Trump‘s statement today trying to do damage control after Monday’s #TreasonSummit debacle, you probably saw a man reading off a script like a teenager being forced to apologize.

Oh, and immediately contradicting those remarks and doubling down on his lack of faith in U.S. intelligence in an ad-lib.

But there was more to see if you knew where to look…

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See, Trump wrote some notes of his own in the margins of the script prepared for him by advisers — and they’re more telling than his botched backtrack!

Look CLOSER (below)!

Yep. “NO COLUSION.” Misspelled. What a moron.

But even more telling? What he refused to say! Just look even closer at what was crossed off!

Yeah. You’d hate for anyone involved in Russian meddling to be brought to justice, huh, Crooked Donnie?

[Image via CNN/YouTube.]

Jul 17, 2018 8:27pm PST

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