South Carolina Church Shooter Dylann Roof’s Trial Delayed For A Competency Evaluation

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It’s unfortunate when justice crawls at a snail’s pace.

According to People Magazine, South Carolina church shooter Dylann Roof‘s trial has been delayed so his mental competency can be evaluated.

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As we previously reported, Dylann killed nine African-Americans in June of 2015. Prior to the killings, Roof had expressed white supremacist views which he satisfied by shooting innocent people of color dead.

Now, just as the 22-year-old was set to face thirty-three federal charges related to the crime, his legal team persuaded a judge to have his mental health tested.

A court order connected to the case explained:

“An issue has arisen concerning the Defendant’s competency to stand trial. Federal law requires the Court to order a competency evaluation of Defendant and to conduct a hearing on the matter.”

Wow… what interesting timing! How convenient for the perp.

Per the doc, Dylann will be evaluated on November 16 and a decision will be announced on the 18.

We’ll keep you updated as this case progresses.


Nov 9, 2016 7:21pm PST